20 High PR Free Event Listing Sites List

Event Listing Sites

Event listing sites or Event Submission sites is the free source that makes a graph of your business in a successful direction without investing a single penny. You are a little bit confuse, How its Happen?


So, no need to take tension in this article I am going to share a list of top event listing websites by using which you are able to increase the reach of your products, services or small businesses in front of countless people.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner it’s quite difficult for you to run paid ads or using other paid sources for business branding.

And we know Google not ranked a website unless the site has a good number of quality backlinks and potential traffic from different sources such as through social media, event listing, PPT submission, and classified sites, etc.

Read this article till the end! I’m sure after reading this article you are come to know how you can utilize an event submission websites to drive a huge number of genuine backlinks as well as an instant hike in the ranking in SERP.

What are Event Submission or Event Listing Sites?

Event Listing Sites

Event Submission or Event Listing Sites are types of sites which allows us to share our event details to their visitors. In simple words, on the platform of event submission sites, you can organize an event for the promotion of business, services, or products.

Event listing sites is the right approach to promote the business reach worldwide without putting a single step out of the door. On a free event submission sites list, you can do advertising of any kind of events whether its an event, meeting, or a webinar.

Benefits of the Event Listing Websites

The benefits of event listing sites are too much but I will discuss most of the prominent in them.

1. Increase Brand Awareness or Reach

As I told above with the little bit of effort you can boost your business reach to the worldwide through the event listing.

Let me tell you how? when you time to time organized events on all these event submissions sites, people aware of your brand or starts attending your events as well as invites their friends or colleague to attend the event. This thing ultimately increases brand awareness in no time.

2. Bring Geniune Traffic

Interested users who read your event details or want more information about the event must visit your website.

Further, if you do a search engine optimization of the event posting in the right manner, your event must be ranked and will be shown to a particular keywords in the Search Engine.  For your convenience, at the end of the article, I will also let you know how to do an event listing SEO.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important requirement if you are looking to rank a keyword in the SERP and creating a backlinks takes to much time or hard work. But in this case of the event listing, you can get it free even more valuable & genuine backlink than any other backlinks.

Event listing sites offer you a huge recognization in industry. When other niche relevant sites find your event worthy and impact a good impression to their visitors. They surely start adding the link to your website.

In that way, you can get a genuine powerful backlinks and make stronger SEO practicing.

Top Free Event Listing Sites

Below is the list of best free event listing or submission sites with a low spam score. Also mention a DA, PA of all the sites in the row of site URL.

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How to Do Event Listing with an SEO Guidelines?

  • Event Name: Write an alluring and catchy event name including your targeted keyword.
  • Event Description: Make your description keyword rich by using a relevant keyword as much as you can. Moreover, employ words that force the readers to join your event.
  • Use Tags: Tags illustrate the content and appear in the searches. So, make sure to add all related tags to increase the more visibility in the searches.
  • Date and Time: Mention the right date and time to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Location: If you are hosting a webinar then explain the procedure on how to join it. But if you are arranging an event on a specific location then choose a location where easier for everyone to arrive.

Final Words

The purpose of sharing an event on event submission sites is simple. Event listing diverts a handsome traffic on your site and this thing ultimately generate a business leads. I’m sure if you are committed to your work and want to see an immediate increment in the business you can use this event listing sites.

Good Luck for the Future????