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Exploring nature while glamping in India!

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Glamping is a worldwide phenomena, a perfect mix of camping and glamour! When you want to enjoy nature, but prefer something more comfortable and luxurious than a tent, you go glamping. You can go to a number of places and it is a great way to enjoy India and the world beyond if you want to. Explore the parks, reserves and sanctuaries or head somewhere else. Have some luxury when you are at camp and then experience an adventure in the great outdoors when you are ready. Hate the inconveniences of camping? No toilets, sleeping on the floor, basic food? At a glamping site you can enjoy world class amenities, and discover various extra features such as private decks you can watch the hornbills from, linen made beds, gourmet meals, bathrooms ensuite and more.

India is an amazing country with stunning sites and scenery, great luxury campsites and an awful lot to see and do. Here we have described for you two potential places to head out to but there are many other great opportunities too so if the following are not close enough to you check local options. At the same time as you plan to see different species of India’s birds like the blue hornbill bird you can enjoy glamping too!

Kohima, Nagaland

This is a location that is landlocked, surrounded by Manipur, Myanmar, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It is part of the Seven Sisters, a group of seven states in the Northeast of India and is popular for its beauty and natural bounty. Enjoy wonderful vistas, rolling holls, rich rainforests, and the very vibrant Nagas culture. These are 16 warrior tribes who have a lot of their heritage and traditions remaining and are popular to visit. Elaborate costumes and headresses include things like hornbills feathers, tiger claws and bear skins. Sample their delicious food, drink rice beer, celebrate the Hornbill Festival with the locals while you enjoy an amazing luxury camping experience.

Ladakh, Kashmir

Ladakh means the land of mountain passes which is exactly what you will find when you visit there. Nestled in the famous Himalayas it is an awe inspiring place with snow capped peaks, the blue hornbill bird, rivers, lakes, a fascinating people and amazing monasteries. Head out on some thrilling adventures, climbing, hiking, various boating options or enjoy something more peaceful in the nature around you, or learn about the history and the culture there. The rolling hills will give you some amazing pictures to show people with its striking natural beauty. It is a special place to head to and has various options for regular camping and luxury camping.


Camping is great fun but for some people those creature comforts are hard or even impossible to give up. That is why glamping or luxury camping is such a great idea. You can still travel and experience things, but you do not have to suffer when you are back at your campsite!

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