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Boost your Ranking with Free directory submission list 2021

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Before going towards the list “free directory submission list 2021” must read the following details to know about what is directory submission and how it works for us in terms of SEO.

So, Let’s Start the Article!

Directory submission is one of the best methods to boost your ranking in the search engine and grab massive traffic on the website.

If you are running a new website and facing a problem regards the ranking and traffic then directory submission sites would be a simple and easy source for you. It takes no time and you will build a backlink for free.

It’s a factor of Off-page SEO. There are multiple methods that include in off-page SEO and Directory Submission is one of them.

Benefits of Submitting the Site on our Directory Submission list 2021

The benefits you get on submitting your site on the Directory Submission list are:

  • You will get instant traffic even you have a new blog or a new business website. The website where you are going to submit the website has its own audience and you have a good opportunity to get the potential traffic through their audience.
  • Boost Your ranking
  • You will get a backlink free of cost
  • Make strong your Off-Page SEO

How to Submit a Website on the Directory Submission Sites?

Keep in mind the below guidelines to submit the website on the directory submission sites.

  1. On the directory Submission site you will find multiple categories related to different fields. Each category also has a subcategory.
  2. Select your business category
  3. After clicking on the category a screen appear to contain an option “Add a Link” or “Add your Website”
  4. Click on the “Add a Link” – After it selects a link type (paid or free)

Note: For the convenient must read the types of Directory Submission

  1. Next a window popup demanding the listing details such as Title, URL, Description, Meta Description, owner name, and Email.
    Free directory submission list 2020
  2. Fill the details and check a box required “submission rules agreement”
  3. Press a Continue
  4. You will see a confirmation window appear telling about the “you link was successfully submitted and awaiting for an approval”

Types of Directory Submission

As I told above its a totally free directory submission list 2021. So, need to take any tension. Here I just let you know the types of directory submission.

Free Website Submission Review

In this type, you will no need to pay anything to the website owners.

Reciprocal Submission

It’s a give and take type. You will get a link when you provide them a link through your website or any other website.

Featured Website Submission

You pay a website owner and in return, they will feature your website on the top for a specific time as per your agreement with them.

Some Tips to Stay Safe during Directory Submission

  • Publish a link on a most suitable category
  • Do not do a spam by posting your site in the irrelevant category
  • Always write correct information that must be relevant to link
  •  Never use a reciprocal link type.

Free directory submission list 2021

Sr. NoDirectory Submission Sites

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