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6 Unique Things to Do on Golden Triangle Tour of India

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Rajasthan, especially Jaipur, is a great place to see India’s royal side. It is worth noting that a trip to India would be incomplete without visiting Delhi, the capital,and Agra, home to the TajMahal. These three cities make up the Golden Triangle.

A Golden Triangle tour offers a unique way to see all that India has to offer. It is packed with activities, culture, and sights.

These are six unique activities that you can do during your Golden Triangle tour.

Listen to Qawwali in Delhi

Instead of heading to the pubs or cafes to enjoy live music in Delhi, go to the HazratNizamuddinDargah. You can spend the entire evening listening to Qawwali (a type of Sufi music) at this Dargah.

The Qawwali music and the atmosphere it creates is magical. This Dargah hosts Qawwali evenings every Thursday night. Enjoy the delicious kebabs NizamuddinBasti is famous for after an evening of musical bliss.

Take a chilling tour of Delhi.

Are you a believer in supernatural powers? Even if that’s not your belief, you can take a break from your hectic Golden Triangle tour to go on a phenomenal tour around Delhi. Many places in this city are said to be haunted. Many ghost stories are associated with places like Lothian Cemetery, BhuliBhatyariMahal and Firoz Shah Kotla Fort. If you are prone to be spooked, hire a guide.

Food tours in Agra will tempt your taste buds.

Join one of these food tours if you’re a foodie or want to discover Agra cuisine. These tours will take visitors to various eateries that have been serving delicious food for many decades.

You will be bombarded with tempting aromas and tastes at joints like the Deviram Sweets (known for its kachoris and samosas) and RambabuParathaBhandar (famous for its stuffed chapatis and parathas). Chaat lovers will feel as if they are in paradise when alootikki and panipuri are on the menu. Check Review!

Explore India in 6D at Agra

The 6D theatre in Agra will take you through India’s rich history, culture and heritage. This short film will take you through India’s glorious past and show you some of India’s most impressive attractions and places. This video features special effects and moving seats. It also has a touch of smell and texture. This is a must-see experience, located near TajMahal.

Jaipur: Fly through the sky

Have you ever wanted to ride a magic carpet around the globe? Even though it’s not a carpet ride, hot air balloon rides in Jaipur offer a unique way to view the city from the sky. It is an unforgettable experience to glide over historical landmarks and the beautiful landscape of Jaipur. These moments will be cherished forever if you have your camera.

Visit Jaipur to go wildlife spotting.

Open jeep safaris in Jaipur are an adrenaline-fueled ride that will allow you to spot some of this region’s wildlife. You will likely spot wildlife such as deer, migratory birds and snakes while driving through Jaipur’s countryside and villages.

Delhi and Agra Factfile

  • Location

Delhi, India’s capital city, is bordered on three sides by Haryana. Agra, Uttar Pradesh, is located on the banks of the Yamuna River.

  • How do I reach the

Indira Gandhi International airport serves Delhi. Agra is easily connected to Delhi via roads and railways. A semi-high-speed train runs between Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai.

  • Food & Drink

Agra and Delhi are both known for their chaats. Agra is best known for its Mughlai cuisine, but Delhi is well-known for its Nihari dishes and kebabs.

Jaipur Factfile

  • LocationJaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is found along the eastern border to the Thar Desert.
  • How do I reach the¬†Jaipur International Airport can be found 10km from the city center. Jaipur is connected to other Indian cities via railways and national highways.
  • Food & DrinkRajasthani cuisine is renowned for its regal taste. Jaipur’s most popular dishes include gattekisabzi, dal baatichurma and ghevar.

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