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Gopika Anil Biography, Age, Height, Family, And More!

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Gopika Anil is an Indian actress who mainly works in Malayalam films and television. She is known for her role as Anjali in the soap opera Santhanam.


In this paragraph, we discuss gopika anil age, santhwanam anjali real name phenomenon. Gopika Anil’s career spanned across the Malayalam film industry as well as the Malayalam television space. She started her small screen career with the Asianet telefilm Mangalyam. She has also acted in the serials such as Ballet and Ammathottil. Her latest and possibly most notable role has been as a recurring character in the Malayalam series Santhanam.

Gopika Anil was born on 27 April 1995 in Kozhikode, Kerala. The actress’s parents are Anil Kumar and Beena. She has an older sister named Keerthana. As a child, Gopika started dancing and was able to make a splash in the local talent pool. Despite her mother’s objections, Gopika took her acting career seriously in a big way. From the ages of two to nine, she starred in several stage plays. After her stint in theatre, she made her film debut in Shaji Kailas’ 2001 Malayalam hit Shivam.

Other notable occurrences in the actress’s career include her role in the Zee Keralam telefilm Kabani and acting alongside her sister Keerthana in the soap opera Santhanam. Currently, she lives in Mumbai and spends most of her time chasing the dream of making it big in the Mollywood world.

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Net worth

In this paragraph, we discuss gopika anil age, santhwanam anjali real name phenomenon. Gopika Anil is a famous Malayalam actress and serial artist. Born on April 27, 1995, in Kozhikode, Kerala, India, she is a member of a Malayali family. Her parents are Anil Kumar and  Beena. She has two siblings, a younger sister Gilani, and an elder sister Keerthana Anil.

After she got married in 2008, Gopika decided to pursue a career in acting. Previously, she was a model and worked in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films. The first movie that she acted in was Shivam, directed by Shaji Kailas.

After that, she made her debut on Malayalam television. She played the role of a child actress in the Asianet serial Mangalyam. In 2004, she starred with her sister in the Malayalam film Ballet.

Afterward, she was signed by Cheran. She paired with Sajin in the Malayalam serial Santhanam. It was a hit in the country. Eventually, she became a popular celebrity in the country.

Currently, she is living in Calicut, India. She has a husband named Ajilesh Chacko.

Marital status

Gopika Anil is a Malayali actress who is best known for playing the titular role of Kabani in the Malayalam television serial. She began her career as a child artist in the 2001 film Shivam. This was followed by her acting debut in the 2004 Malayalam film Balettan.

Gopika and her sister Keerthana Anil enjoy a very good following on social media. They have recently gained attention with their latest photoshoot. The two look gorgeous in their Kerala sarees.

One of Gopika’s latest projects is the Malayalam film, Munthiri Monahan. It is directed by Vijith Nambiar. In this film, Gopika plays the lead role of a young village girl who comes to the city on a scholarship and struggles to succeed.

She has worked in numerous films, including 4 the People and Vesham. Gopika has also acted in several Malayalam serials. Some of her other notable performances include a guest appearance in the 2010 comedy-drama Ammathottil. As for her personal life, she has a very nice relationship with her family.

Social media accounts

Gopika Anil is an actress from Kerala who has acted in movies and TV series. She has a sister named Keerthana Anil and a father named Anil Kumar. She was born on April 27, 1995, in Kozhikode, Kerala. Besides acting, she has worked in the Malayalam film industry and the television industry.

She made her debut in the Malayalam film industry in 2001, in the film Shivam. She also appeared in Malayalam serials. Her first television role was in Mangalyam, which was aired on Asianet. She was a child actress in the serial. She also acted in Ammathottil and Ballet. Then she starred in the serial Kabani, starring Prem Jacob. Another popular TV series is Santhwanam, in which she played the title role. In the series, she paired with Sajin, who portrayed the role of Shivan. Their on-screen couple is winning hearts with their hilarious scenes.

Apart from her acting career, Gopika Anil is known for her presence on social media. She has over 700 million verified professionals on her profile.

Gopika Anil is an Indian actress, best known for her portrayal of Anjali in the Malayalam soap 

opera Santhanam. She also acted in the Malayalam film Ballettan and the tv show Kabani. Although she hasn’t made it to Hollywood she has a slew of Malayalam TV series to her credit. Aside from her starring roles, she is a devoted film buff and a fan of Bollywood star Prithviraj. 

Her first foray into the acting world came in the form of the Shaji Kailas-directed Malayalam film Shivam. After that, she nabbed a handful of television roles including the aforementioned Kabani and Santhanam.

Aside from her television roles, she has also starred in the Malayalam movie Ammathottil and the Malayalam feature film Mangalyaam. To top it off she has a slew of social media accounts. 

On a personal level, she is a big-time fan of the aforementioned Prithviraj and has been known to post a couple of videos on Instagram. One of the many perks of being a celebrity is a lavish lifestyle and she hasn’t shied away from showing her off to her fans. The lucky lady is the proud daughter of Anil Kumar and Beena. Having a family to take care of in addition to her busy acting schedule is no mean feat and she has made it look easy. So if you are in the market for a new actress in the making, make sure to give her a call.

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