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Great Wholesale Products to Buy for Fall 2023

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Before you know it, it will be time to start placing your wholesale clothing and accessories orders for fall 2023. Allow yourself enough time to prepare your inventory for customers who want to stay warm during the chillier temps or have a headstart on holiday shopping.

It’s always early enough to organize for the seasons ahead, especially if you want to ensure the entire stock is ready to go and not trying to do things last minute. The following are wholesale products for fall that customers will likely seek out in 2023. 


Sweatshirts in fabulous fall hues can be comfortable options for customers to enjoy in the colder weather. Many styles, like the Bella + Canvas red crew neck sweatshirt, can tie into what you are looking for and what your customers will likely want to buy. 

From cropped styles to hoodies, think about how many of each sweatshirt option you want to stock and which ones shoppers will likely wear. For example, in areas that are only slightly chilly, a cropped choice is a viable option that allows for layering if temperatures dip. A hoodie can be great for areas that get cold. A crew neck may be able to work in multiple temperature situations. 

Consider the time of the year and pay attention to the upcoming seasons. Also, identify your customer’s location, as southern residents will not likely need heavy garments in the fall or winter.

Various types of leggings

Leggings are great year-round attire in multiple styles, and many stock up on them once the colder weather arrives. While classic leggings are available, other fashionable options, including fleece-lined and vegan leather, can be stylish for fall and may attract specific customers. For autumn, consider darker hues, such as black and brown, so they’re versatile pieces that match many of the colors and clothes of the season. 


Although jeggings are not currently one of the hottest trending items, many people love them for their comfort. A blended term of jeans and leggings, jeggings are versatile and comfortable for those who want the feel and roominess of leggings with the style of jeans. 

So, consider watching these pants to decide if they would be popular with your customers or stock limited inventory and assess their sales.

Scarves, gloves, and hats

Although fall might seem too early to start selling gloves, scarves, and hats, it is the beginning of the colder weather when shoppers will start buying them. Since many wear them during autumn and winter, they can be great items to consider buying wholesale. 

Many shoppers give the cold-weather accessories as gifts for the December holidays or winter birthdays. So stock up for those who want to purchase the items for themselves or to give to others. By the way, National Scarf Day is on September 27, 2023, a perfect chance to celebrate the start of fall on September 23. Advertise National Scarf Day to help increase your winter accessory sales.

You can sell the three items individually or as sets for those who prefer to wear the accessories together. Consider stocking lightweight-yet-warm styles, those that tend to be bulkier with chunkier looks, and ones in between the two varieties, so all your shoppers have a choice that works with their preferences. 


Sweaters are must-haves, curl-up-in items for fall and winter, making them ideal to buy wholesale for the colder seasons. Like sweatshirts, there are many styles to purchase, ranging from crew necks and turtlenecks to cardigans and pullovers. 

Stocking up on various styles can be a good idea if you sell sweaters in a super-cold location. It appeals to customers who need to bundle up in the cold weather, those who prefer lighter sweater styles, and shoppers whose preferences fall in the middle. In locations where it gets a little chilly but tends to be warmer more often than not, reasonably lightweight options, like light turtlenecks and cardigans, could be good products to stock.

Socks and tights

Socks and tights seem like something other than essential items to buy wholesale. Still, considering many people purchase several of one or both throughout the year, they are worth buying in bulk, especially for fall. During spring and summer, heels, ballet flats, and sandals reign, resulting in people wearing fewer socks and tights. However, once fall comes around, boots are more popular, which–in turn–comes with wearing socks or stockings, so shoppers usually take it as an opportunity to stock up on one or both.  

While you can sell everyday-style socks, if you live in an area where it can get frigid, include a range of up to heavy-duty work options typically worn by those who spend a lot of time outside in the cold weather. For tights, consider lightweight stocking styles, but like socks, think about selling warmer options, like fleece tights.


Boots are an item many insist on accumulating in their wardrobe for fall and winter. However, some options are more fashion than function and vice versa, and other pairs combine the two. 

Considering some of the retail prices of boots, if you find some that you love you think would sell out fast with your customers, buying them wholesale may be a wise move so you get the best price for your order instead of paying more and you are providing your customers with what they want. 

Start with a small purchase if you have yet to order wholesale boots from an unfamiliar wholesaler. It allows you to test out the boots yourself to determine their durability, especially after walking indoors and outdoors, to assess their quality and comfort.

Fall is a beautiful season for fashion as it tends to be comfortable between summer’s heat and winter’s cold. Stocking up on wholesale clothing for the season lets you appeal to customers looking to boost their wardrobe, students going back to school, people starting to shop early for the holidays, and those who feel like enjoying some shopping. 

So, if you are excited about fall 2023 fashions, start making your wholesale clothing must-haves list now, so you are ready when it comes time to order.

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