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Hobbies That Successful Entrepreneurs Enjoy

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Entrepreneurs spend a huge amount of their time and energy on business, but it is important to have hobbies that you enjoy so that you can switch off from work and find joy in other areas of your life. So, what kind of hobbies do successful entrepreneurs enjoy?

There are all kinds of hobbies that successful entrepreneurs enjoy, and these are often activities that are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. These also need to be hobbies that help people to forget about work, enjoy their free time, and recharge their batteries. In many cases, these hobbies could even improve your abilities as an entrepreneur as well. So, if you are an entrepreneur that is on the lookout for a hobby or two to enjoy in your free time, keep reading for a few ideas.


Any kind of exercise is beneficial as a hobby because it will help you to stay in shape, which will bring all kinds of benefits to your life. Jogging is a hobby that is popular with entrepreneurs because it can be easy to fit into a busy schedule and it does wonders for your physical health.

Many people find jogging to be one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress, so it is ideal for those difficult days or when you have important decisions that need to be made with a clear head. Additionally, jogging is an activity that can be enjoyed solo, but it could also be a social activity if you wish either with a friend or as part of a jogging community.


Successful entrepreneurs often consider themselves gym enthusiasts as well and it is easy to see why. Succeeding in the gym requires hard work, dedication, and commitment, which are all key attributes that are required to find success in the world of business.

The gym is also a great way to achieve your fitness goals as you have all the equipment needed whether you are looking to bulk up, lose weight, improve your cardiovascular fitness, or simply maintain fitness levels. In addition to the physical health benefits, regularly going to the gym can improve your self-confidence – something that all entrepreneurs need to have to succeed in the business world. 

Endurance Competitions

Entrepreneurs are often competitive types that get a real thrill from testing their limits. Therefore, you will often find entrepreneurs in endurance competitions like marathons, triathlons, and long-distance cycling competitions. Testing your limits and competing against others can be a fun and exhilarating experience and the level of satisfaction that you get from completing these events can be hard to top.


Meditation has become hugely popular in recent years and there are many benefits to starting this as a hobby. It is fair to say that stress is an inevitable part of being an entrepreneur and this stress needs to be managed for your well-being, but also so that you can perform to a high standard and make smart decisions. Meditation is one of the best ways to alleviate stress and will help you to live in the moment.

Additionally, in a time when people spend so much time looking at a screen, it can be therapeutic to take some time out and sit peacefully. This is also a hobby that suits someone with a busy lifestyle as you can easily meditate from the comfort of your own home and it can take just 5 or 10 minutes (although many people spend much longer meditating).

Video Games

Entrepreneurs also need to have activities that will help them to blow off some steam, chill out, and have some fun. It is hard to beat video games for this and many entrepreneurs use video games to unwind after a stressful day.

One of the great aspects of video gaming as a hobby is that there are games across many genres, so it is never too hard to find games that you are interested in. Additionally, this can be a fun social hobby with the ability to play online with friends and people from all over the world without having to leave the house. 


Gardening is a good hobby for entrepreneurs as it allows you to enjoy spending time outside while still being at home. It is also a great way to improve your living space and create a nice place for you to relax during the warmer months of the year.

Gardening is also an active hobby and one that is hugely rewarding and requires a great deal of patience. You might find growing your own fruit and veg to be a worthwhile activity as a way to improve your diet and lower your grocery bill. Starting a business is like tending to a garden in that you must plant the seed, nurture it over time, and watch it grow, so it is no surprise that many entrepreneurs have green fingers. 


Yoga is another activity that is rising in popularity with entrepreneurs (and just about everyone else) as an activity that can improve your physical and mental health. Again, it is a good option for those with a busy lifestyle because you can easily do yoga at home and find online classes or videos to follow.

Many people like to attend in-person classes as well to get out of the house and meet new people. It can be daunting at first, but once you master the basics, you should find yoga to be an excellent form of exercise and one that can enrich your life in several different ways. 


In today’s digital, fast-paced world, fishing is a hobby that can help you to disconnect, unwind, and enjoy spending time in nature. Entrepreneurs can find themselves constantly thinking about the business and worrying about what the future might hold, so fishing is helpful in terms of practicing mindfulness and spending time in nature can do wonders for your mental health.

Fishing is another activity that also requires patience and can be highly rewarding when you manage to catch something. Even if you have no luck, you should find peace and quiet to be beneficial to your life. 


Everyone needs to enjoy a healthy diet, so turning cooking into a hobby is smart as it is something that everyone needs to be able to do and could help you to improve your health. Cooking is also an activity that can be hugely rewarding and one of the greatest skills that you can possess in life.

Even if you do not have much experience in the kitchen, it is never too hard to find recipes for beginners online so that you can start making delicious, balanced, and healthy meals. If you struggle to find the time to cook throughout the week, you should try meal prep so that you can prepare your meals for the week in a single cooking session. This is something that many people with busy lifestyles use and can help to prevent you from ordering takeout or buying unhealthy (and expensive) ready meals. 

Muscle Cars

Successful entrepreneurs are often ambitious and want to be able to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. It is no surprise then that many consider themselves to be muscle car enthusiasts and have their own collection. Having a muscle car helps many to enjoy the fruits of their labor and can provide a significant confidence boost.

Muscle car enthusiast Mike Savage of New Canaan is a successful entrepreneur that is a leader in virtual accounting services as the CEO of a multi-million-dollar accounting firm. He is passionate about muscle cars and enjoys the thrill of getting behind the wheel of beautiful, high-performance muscle cars as well as learning as much as he can about the cars. If you are looking to impress your clients, a muscle car hobby is certainly an effective way to do this.


Entrepreneurs must possess a strong work ethic to thrive in the business world and spend a lot of time and energy on their business. It is important that they are also able to escape, switch off, and recharge and travel is one of the best ways to do this.

Successful entrepreneurs enjoy jetting off on luxury holidays or travel adventures so that they can get away from the stress of running their own businesses. Travel can also be a great way to broaden your horizons, experience different cultures, and grow your professional network. 

These are a few of the most common hobbies that successful entrepreneurs enjoy in their free time. Running a business can take up a lot of your life, but you must have other activities that you can enjoy so that you can forget about work, de-stress, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

These hobbies could enrich your life in several ways and could even help you to become a better entrepreneur. That’s only going to be beneficial when it comes to generating success within your business too, so it’s well worth thinking about.

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