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Home renovation Toronto a complete guide from a seasoned professional

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NK Design Company Toronto is a full-service design Studio with years of diverse experience and expertise in different aspects of home renovation including commercial establishments. 

Toronto is a dynamic and vibrant city with houses and condos of different shapes and sizes. A home represents a key asset for most of us and as the home ages and the family is growing, we may experience the need for additional space to accommodate the growing needs of the family. While the available space is inelastic, we explore ways and means to get the additional space through home redesigning and home remodeling. This exercise is also called home renovation and should be handled with great care and professional guidance. 

The basics

To help you with home renovation, we have collated a useful guide so that you can avoid the pitfalls many homeowners experience without professional involvement. Proper planning is an all-important aspect of home renovation and without this, things can easily get out of control quickly resulting in avoidable inconveniences irrespective of the size of the job that you have launched into. 

From determining the right schedule to commence the work to finding a competent contractor to budgeting there are several crucial elements that will impact the end result. It is also important that everything stays within your budget and you are not left gasping for breath towards the final weeks of the project.

Let us now turn to the details

Find a reputed Home Renovation Toronto agency


With perfect planning and professional execution of your home renovation, you can stretch your dollar to the farthest, and who does not want the best value for money? In this digital age, you have potentially spent some time examining various online resources to formulate some basic ideas for your home renovation project. But, you should remember that they are not specific to your project and therefore you should get a professional blueprint made and obtain multiple quotations for your project. You should also remember that every home renovation project is unique since your specific needs and the space available are the prime consideration. Similarly, when you are receiving the quotes, you should compare each component than merely consider the final amount. For instance, if you take bathroom tiles, there are various qualities and sizes and therefore a mere square foot cost will not help. For certain items, you may even have to visit a physical store and inspect your requirements with the naked eye. 

Do know that colors can differ marginally between a computer screen, a color pallet, a color wheel, or a color chart. Paint colors particularly are custom mixed and cannot be returned or changed once you have placed an order. You should always keep the focus on staying within your budget or even saving a few hundred dollars.

What factors can tilt your budget

Following are some of the factors that can tilt your home renovation budget

  • Areas of your home that you plan to renovate
  • The present state of your home (like aged home needing extensive renovations inside and outside the home)
  • New fixtures planned and the cost of those fixtures
  • The total extent of the area needing renovation
  • The changes expected and your aspirations

When you work with an established home renovation agency, they can also suggest several options within your wish list to bring the work within your budget without compromising on quality and your overall expectations.

Choosing a home renovation contractor

The next step is to find a reliable home renovation contractor to execute to complete the job efficiently and without pitfalls. While choosing your contractor, remember that the cheapest need not always be the best. Your emphasis should be on the experience and license of the contractor since that can potentially save you a significant amount of dollars. While vetting your contractor, you should consider the following major aspects too:-

  • Verify the licenses
  • Ensure that he has a general liability insurance
  • Does the schedule given look pretty open
  • Does he show any haste in commencing the work before getting a building permit
  • Is he asking for payment ahead of a written contract
  • Is he seeking a deposit in excess of 15%
  • Are there negative or nil references

Building permits and blueprints

Most home renovation jobs will need a building permit before the work can start. This permit can also carry clauses seeking inspection at different stages of the work by appropriate authorities. Similarly, you should also check on zoning regulations, particularly concerning height, width, and the floor area after the renovation is completed.


Working with an experienced home renovation professional is the best way to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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