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How to Be A Maintenance Technician and Where to Maintenance Tech Jobs

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Maintenance tech jobs are found in almost all industries. Every company requires a maintenance technician to care for its tools and assets. These technicians are responsible for maintaining the tools, although some need different professionalism. For example, maintenance technicians should inform their managers of repairs that require a plumber’s expertise, electrician, or a specialized expert.

However, most companies hire maintenance technicians with general knowledge. Some of the duties of a maintenance technician in a company are performing routine maintenance, communicating with supervisors about items that require care and, keeping records, dealing with all the work requests. They also abide by the safety measures and policies of the company. Here are a few things to know about maintenance tech jobs.

  • Job Types As A Maintenance Technician

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician

Industries use a lot of machines and equipment that require monitoring to ensure workflow. Although when you become an industrial maintenance technician, some of your duties will be to solve different equipment’s electrical and mechanical issues, you must also read and analyze technical procedures, service manuals, and maintenance work. 

Industrial maintenance technicians also troubleshoot mechanical breakdowns and install new machines bought by the company. 

  • Building And Property Maintenance Technician

Many home and commercial constructions are going on, and they require building technicians to ensure the quality of the work.

The duties of a property maintenance technician are evaluating and supervising plumbing and installing electricals and HVAC systems in the building, similar to what the professionals at electricians denver do. They also receive and respond to complaints about maintenance issues from tenants. The technicians also maintain safety systems like fire extinguishers within the building.

  • Fleet Maintenance Technician

Fleet maintenance technicians deal with vehicle maintenance. They also service and repair fleet vehicles and repair vehicle lifts and garages. 

  • How To Get A Job As A Maintenance Technician

You can get a job referral from a friend or colleague to be a maintenance technician, but there are other ways. Some of the easier ways to land maintenance tech jobs are;

  • Search On Job Boards

There are different types of job boards. 

  • Mainstream Job Boards

Many people have found technician jobs in different careers online, and as a maintenance technician, you could also be lucky. Some sites offer thousands of job postings, and you can choose depending on your location and pay range. 

You can also search on platforms like LinkedIn, where you create a profile and add your skills. Employers who see your profile can inform you of any job openings. You can also use the platform to find job opportunities and apply. 

  • Niche Job Boards

If you want to narrow your focus to maintenance tech jobs, you can use niche job boards. They post jobs from the specific niche you choose. For example, Facility Agent is a platform that posts maintenance tech jobs. You must, however, fill out your online profile to match with employers. 

  • Contact Employers Directly

If you don’t want to go through the online job searching process, you can contact hiring managers directly via calls, emails, or text messages. But, first, ask if there are positions you can apply for in the company. 

You can also get employers from LinkedIn and send them a direct message enquiring if you can get a chance at their institution. Before making the call, prepare by creating a subject line. It helps you to connect with the employer effortlessly. Introduce yourself using your professional name.

Ensure you mention any professional information that could raise your chances of getting the maintenance tech jobs. Tell the hiring manager the reason for your call and make it precise. End the call by thanking them for listening to you. 

  • Attend Maintenance Conferences To Network

Getting a job from the comfort of your chair will be challenging. Instead of using online platforms that require many procedures, you can attend more workshops to interact with people.

For example, meet company owners and employers and ask if they have a vacancy in their company. They could direct you to apply for the job or tell you when there will be an open position. Ensure you also interact with other maintenance technicians and ask them to inform you about opportunities.

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