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How to Choose a Fun Present for College Grad Kid

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Providing a gift for a family member or friend who has recently graduated from college or is about to graduate can either be an easy task or an absolute nightmare! 

Graduating college is a big deal and it’s a time in many people’s lives that can be a closure of a fun and exciting chapter. 

There are so many different kinds of gifts depending on how solid your relationship is with the grad and that can make it difficult to narrow down on one. 

If you’ve been struggling with finding just the right gift for your friend or family member, this article has some helpful advice.

Ideas to Surprise College Graduate Kids

Picking a gift for anyone can be hard, but here is a list of ideas for some possible presents for college grads that should get the wheels turning, and help you come up with something that will be special for this momentous occasion in their lives.

A Trip Overseas

If you want to give a gift that will truly wow them, consider taking them on an overseas trip! 

Whether they are studying abroad or are taking time off to travel, college kids love to travel and see new places. 

Figure out where they have the most interest in going or staying (a gap year is a popular option) and if you can afford it, this may be a great gift idea for a college grad! 

If you can’t afford to send them overseas on your own, you could always ask them about where they want to go, and pool together some cash with other family members or friends that want to give this kind of present.

A Fun Hamper of Essentials

Putting together a fun hamper for college grads is a great idea for those who are good at crafts and sewing! 

These are available at most large supermarkets, and you can collect all kinds of things that will come in handy. 

Items such as shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face wash, and toothpaste, and if they have pets or are into grooming or haircare products, there is plenty of room to get creative with this idea. 

Hampers don’t have to be practical either! Check out these Retro sweet gift hampers for the college grad who still likes to indulge in sweet treats!

Movie Tickets or a Movie Gift Card

Movie tickets can be a great idea for college grads because most college students (or soon-to-be college grads) are still trying to get by with a tight budget. 

So movie tickets or even a gift card to their favorite theater could make for a nice surprise.

If you’re looking for something that is on the more practical side, Netflix subscriptions or gift cards to board game stores are ideas that are sure to please the soon-to-be college grad! 

Spa Day Gift Card or Certificate for Services Like a Manicure or Pedicure!

Everyone deserves to be pampered after working so hard in college and making it through to graduation! Spa day certificates or gift cards can really make them feel special because it’s something so simple yet so exciting for many people.

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