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How to Create Professional Slideshow Presentations?

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Do you desire to make a photo plus music presentation but don’t have access to a professional slideshow tool? You’ve got a business meeting and need to give presentations on your work in a limited amount of time, but you’re worried about causing harm?

Quiet, the issue is that you’re not skilled at creating animated slideshows with music. As a result, you’ll learn about InVideo in the lines below. It is one of the most incredible free tools for creating slideshows.

There are many slideshow tools available. However, if you don’t know about creating presentations and need tools that can create dynamic, photogenic, expert, and practical presentations, InVideo slideshow creator is a must-have.

How InVideo works?

InVideo is an internet tool that allows you to create presentations in minutes using images and videos.

For example, you may make slideshows in 3 steps: upload images or clips from your pc or InVideo’s online stock collection, add and modify essential components (such as text, soundtrack, and logos), and save the final presentation to a folder.

InVideo provides a variety of great templates that are updated regularly to assist you in creating fast presentations.

They’re all customizable so that you may alter the components, text, and colors to your heart’s content. For the right mix, choose one of the built-in audio tracks or upload sound from your Computer.

It doesn’t stop there; InVideo also includes options for modifying your slideshows, such as the ability to change the video’s beginning and finishing periods, rotate photos and videos to the alternate side, and adjust the volume and repeat the effect of the music in the background.

There is no need to download or install InVideo, the best slideshow creator. Instead, visit the official websites and click the “Get Started – Free option” button.

After that, you’ll get to the meat of the tool, learning how to build presentations within your browser with videos and images in a few easy steps.

How To Create Professional Slideshow Presentations with InVideo

Do you wish to achieve a rank as the best mind-blowing presentation maker and audience enchanter? What you need is InVideo’s slideshow maker!

The online presentation builder from InVideo allows you to create slideshows on the fly. Make a killer presentation for your company pitch, and your audience will be blown away!

You don’t need to be a pro to put together a fantastic professional presentation. The best part is that you can utilize any template as long as it suits your subject matter. These may be customized in just five simple steps.

Let’s forge ahead:

Systematic steps on making excellent presentations

1. Pick your slides 

Any professional presentation template you choose comes with thousands of slides. It’s unlikely that you’ll need all of them. While you’re working in MS PowerPoint, visit the View tab and select Slide Sorter from the drop-down menu.

To alter the order of the slides, click, hold and pull the thumbnails. You may also remove unnecessary layouts by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete Slide. Once you’re completed, go to the View menu and select Normal to begin editing.

2. Personalize the text

There will be a lot of text in all professional presentations. You may use the built-in text blank spaces to edit the text within the selected template. To begin, type something into a text field. Then, use Ctrl + A to pick all of the text inside. For Mac, type Cmd + A.

Then continue typing your chosen information. The default text would vanish, and the text you write in will take its place. Repeat this process over your slide deck, and you will be on track to delivering a beautiful presentation in a few minutes.

3. Include images

Without pictures, no business presentation is effective. It’s simple to put them in. First, look for a slide that has an image placeholder.

Then, navigate to a saved picture file on your pc. Insert or drag and drop it into the placeholder. The picture will be correctly sized and adjusted as PowerPoint imports it onto the presentation.

And if you are looking for attractive photos to utilize in your project? You have access to a wide range of gorgeous stock images as an InVideo member for free.

4. Create infographics

Infographics help illustrate concepts. Furthermore, they are attractive and are sure to captivate a corporate audience. All InVideo templates allow you to integrate infographics into your presentation quickly.

Infographics function the same way any slide in the presentation would function. Edit the text, putting your words and numbers, drag items around using your mouse, and more. It simply takes several clicks. However, it guarantees that your presentation is a success.

5. Modify the color combination of the shapes

A pre-built template will come with a color scheme. However, you may replace specific pieces of it. First, select the shape you want to modify. Then locate the “Shape Format” section on PowerPoint’s toolbar.

There, select shape Fill from the drop-down menu. A color picker menu will display. Look through the theme colors, textures, and more. To add a color to your form, tap it.

Some Final Thoughts

Images will not interest your viewers as much as video clips would. Video clips offer your slides a natural flow. Utilize the most suitable videos from the free and flexible slideshow maker’s library of InVideo.

The most popular videos on most social media platforms are not less than 30 seconds long. To get the word out, make bite-sized videos.

Seeing that you want to create an impact with your presentations, ensure they are quality because your visuals will get them to click, your substance will keep them there, and your message will get people to share.

Allow your pieces to mix and harmonize. Use InVideo’s presentation builder to create unique transitions and watch your presentation skyrocket.

No matter the kind of messages you want to pass via your slideshow presentation, using these systematic steps to create your presentation would go a long way in making your slideshow stand out, among others.

Furthermore, with such a powerful tool at hand, there is no more stress or worries of making a slideshow presentation for your next-day illustration at the conference meeting or work.

What’s more? This tool exposes you to thousands of templates for making professional slideshow presentations. Also, you can share to any social media platform immediately after creating your presentation.

Unlike other slideshow presentation makers, this tool is free. You don’t have to pay to unlock any feature until your presentation is complete. Although you might want to try other slideshow makers, it is worth giving InVideo a shot.

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