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How to Create the Ultimate Cinema Room in Your House

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If you’re passionate about the movies, then one of your favorite pastimes might include settling down with some popcorn to get lost in the story that is playing out on the screen. It’s an activity that can be enjoyed alone or with friends, and it’s always interesting to discuss what people thought about it afterward.

While nothing will ever be quite the same as experiencing these films on the big screen at your local movie theatre, you can create a cinema room in your house for when you want to watch your old favorites or even binge-watch the latest TV series you’re into. Here are some tips on how you can transform a spare room into this excellent space to view the best movies and onscreen entertainment at home.

Invest in a Projector

A big-screen TV with an excellent sound system will work well too, but if you want to capture something a little closer to the magic of the movie theatre, then investing in a quality projector might be what you’re looking for.

You will need a blank wall or screen to project your movies onto, but this can be a great way to make it feel like you’re at a private screening in a small movie theatre without ever having to leave the house.

Comfortable Couches

If you have the space and you truly want to recreate a movie theatre vibe, you can likely find old movie theatre seating online if you search long enough and even learn how to install them properly.

However, these seats aren’t always the most comfortable, and you want to be able to kick back and relax fully while you’re watching people act out the stories on your big screen. Leather couches can have a sophisticated touch and be very comfortable, or big corner couches might fit better into your space. For something more alternative but equally comfortable and fun, consider investing in a big bean bag chair instead.

Snack Station

The movie experience isn’t quite complete without some tasty snacks to enjoy while you watch. Popcorn is a classic, but others might prefer nachos, candy bars, or a bag of chips to munch through while they are kept on the edge of their seats.

To save you having to go to the kitchen every time you want a refill of a drink or to top up your snacks, consider creating a snack station in the corner of the room. You could get a mini-fridge for anything that needs to be kept chilled, a popcorn maker, or even create a small bar if you like to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine with your movies too. 

Lighting and Décor

It’s always better to turn down the lights when you’re watching a movie, but if you don’t want to feel like you are in complete darkness, think about having some wall sconces put up as these can give off a softer light than bright overheads, or get a dimmer switch fitted.

You may even want to think about putting some colored LEDs around the screen for a futuristic touch. Complete the look with some framed posters of your favorite movies, and your cinema room will be ready to go.

If you love the movies and want to enjoy a similar experience to going to the cinema at home, use these tips to create a space just for that purpose.

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