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How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Dog Bites

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Keeping your kids safe from dog bites is important, but it can be a challenge. You don’t want to overreact or scare your child by acting too tough or flaunting your protective gear. Instead, you want to be discreet and professional when dealing with dogs that are known to be dangerous. Dog bites are serious injuries that require medical attention, so it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your family from dog attacks.

The best way to do that is by keeping your children away from dogs at all times. This simple rule will help to keep them safe from dog bites injuries. However, there are other ways to keep your kids safe:

Make sure your yard is secure

Install security lights at night and make sure the gate is closed when your dog is outside. If your fence doesn’t have a gate, consider installing one that’s high enough for small children to climb over safely. Make sure that all parts of your property are secure from possible threats like fences or bushes that could hide an aggressive dog. It’s also essential to ensure that there aren’t any toys or other objects lying around that could be hurt by a dog while it’s being played with.

Keep an eye on your kids when they’re playing in the yard with their pets

Teach them how to behave around dogs and teach them how to stay away from them if they see one that they don’t know well. Keep an eye on your child while playing with the dog. Have a plan in case a dog bites your child. If a dog comes up to you and growls, don’t approach it — give it space until it loses interest in you. 

Teach your kids safety guidelines

Before taking your kids for walks and playtime with the family dog, teach them how to keep themselves safe. Teach them what to do if they come across a dog that seems aggressive or is showing signs of aggression toward them.

Teach them to ask before petting

Don’t let your kids walk around with their faces in the dog’s mouth. Teach them that dogs are not toys, and tell them to always squeeze a dog’s belly when they greet it. It’s important to teach them never to touch any dogs without asking first. Even dogs that appear friendly can bite, so you need to be careful about letting your kids pet the animals, even if they seem friendly. Teach children how to make eye contact with a dog before petting it, and always ask for permission before picking up or playing with a dog.

Socialize and train your new dog

Socializing your new dog with an older one can help it learn what behaviors are acceptable in human company; this will also help him develop good habits in his new home environment. Also, get your dog used to children by socializing it in a safe environment before bringing them home. Introduce the child slowly, so there isn’t any confusion about who is boss — it should be you!

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