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How To Know What Styles Are Right For You?

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Determining which styles are suitable for you boils down to your aesthetic and how you feel when you wear different types of clothing. It might take some time to develop your style, but if you have fun with the process, determining your style can be a lot of fun! Here are suggestions on getting started and figuring out what style is right for you. 

Do You Feel Comfortable?

The first thing to ask is if you feel comfortable in the clothes you’re considering. You won’t wear these items for long if you don’t feel comfortable. You might be willing to wear them for a bit, but eventually, you’ll get sick of feeling uncomfortable! Always aim for comfort first. There are always opportunities to implement style after. If you know you’re most comfortable in options like petite clothing for women, stick with these options and don’t veer too far from the clothes that feel best to you. 

Do You Feel Authentic?

Next, as a general style tip: consider whether the clothes you’re wearing feel like YOU. When you wear these items, do you feel like yourself or like you’re trying to be someone else? If you don’t feel like yourself, move on! You need clothes that help you feel comfortable in your skin and allow you to express yourself freely. It is time to embrace who you are and forget the rest. Make sure when you shop for clothes that they feel authentic to you. 

Do You Like Current Trends?

Fashion trends are constantly changing. You’ll want to ask yourself if the current trends are pleasing to you or if you’d rather avoid them. There’s no right or wrong to this. Just because something is in style does not mean you have to like it. See where you fall, and create a wardrobe that balances trends and your style, if you plan to implement trends. Otherwise, focus on your style and forget about current trends altogether. 

Can You Afford This?

Make sure that you stick to clothes that you can pay for consistently. Avoid overspending on upscale, luxury items if they are not in your budget. The styles that are right for you are about far more than your style. Your finances will influence what you’re capable of buying, whether you like the clothes you can buy or not. If buying upscale fashion is essential to you, create a budget plan so you can afford to purchase more of the luxury items you love.  

Will You Like This Tomorrow?

Another question to ask yourself is if the clothes you’re considering will be worth it in the long run. Will you like this shirt, these pants, these shoes, etc., tomorrow? Finding items that you can create a stable wardrobe around is essential. You’ll want to find clothes you can repeatedly wear, at least for a while! Avoid cheap fabrics and be honest with yourself! Only buy the clothes you truly love.  

Does This Work For The Season?

The clothes you buy should reflect the season that you’re in or will be entering into. If you avoid shopping for clothes that work for the current weather, you’ll never truly feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Avoid these issues by shopping for the season you’re in. 

The Bottom Line

Finding your style requires self-inquiry and honesty surrounding what you like to wear, what feels authentic, and what you can afford. If you’re honest, you’ll be able to come up with a steady wardrobe that resonates with who you are! Consider the above suggestions as you create a style plan that is right for you! 

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