How To Make a Facebook Business Page for Small Business

How To Make a Facebook Business Page

If you are here looking for a how to make Facebook business page then this blog is for you. Cover each & every single step that helps you to make a page that represents your business more clearly. Before going to details lets take a short look, Importance of business Facebook page.

Importance of Facebook Business Page

For every business its necessary to create a Facebook page. Facebook is one of the tops marketing source that provides us a platform to promote our business for free. According to the OMNICORE agency, the total numbers of active users on Facebook are 2.50  Billion. Now think, if you did not create a FB page yet, you are losing a bunch of potential customers that are available for you.

One more thing, make the Facebook page necessary for every business!

You are going to make your online presence. Someone when search on google with your business name, your Facebook page appears on top.

Follow the following procedure to make a Professional Facebook Page.

After login in the Facebook, you will see a option “create” on the top Menu. Select create then options appear on the screen.

Choose the Page located on the Top. Then a next screen appear which allows you to select what type of page you want to create, for a “Business or brand” or for “Community or public figure“. Simply click on the “Get Started” button located below the business or brand.

When you select on the Get Started Button, a Screen will appear asking you about your “Page Name” (Page name means business Name) and category of your business.

When you enter Page name and category further box appear required the Business Address, Postal Code, and Phone Number.

Phone numbers is optional but its recommended you must add your phone number. Full and authentic information on the Page creates a strong reputation.

Fill the Business details and Click on the Continue button. After it Facebook asking for “Add a Profile Picture”, skip it for now. Again Skip for a Cover photo. We don’t set the profile picture and cover photo for now just because first we set their dimensions according to the Facebook recommendations. Now we set the other settings of the page such as short description, emails, profile & cover photos. Go on the Settings located on the top of your page. Then choose “Page info” from the left side menus on the screen.

Now you step by step add your business details and click on the Save Changes. First Add the short description of your business. Next add phone number, website (if you have, otherwise skip it), email, business location, business timing. Each and everything about your page you can manage by going to settings.

Set Facebook profile and cover photo size

Now we can set the Facebook profile and cover photo size. Use the following dimensions for your FB cover photo and profile picture.

Facebook Profile Picture Dimensions: 360 x 360 pixel
Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions: 820px by 312px

Use befunky online tool to set your picture dimensions.

When you set your both picture dimensions then go to your page Facebook. To Upload the profile picture, take your cursor on the profile picture icon. You will see an update button appear when you take your cursor on the profile picture icon. Then click on Update and select upload. Now choose a photo where you store on the PC. When you select the photo, your profile pic is ready to publish.

Follow the same procedure to publish a cover photo. Click on “Add a Cover Photo”. Then select the option “Upload Photo/Video“.

Add a post on Facebook Page

To share a post on your Facebook page follow the following simple steps.

  • Click On Write on Post
  • Enter the Content of your post (you can also add a website link in the post)
  • To attach an image or video with a post. Click on “Photo/Video” and add a picture from your PC
  • After filling the following details, simply click on Post and your post is published.

In this way, we can make a business Facebook page. If you find this content “How To Make a Facebook Business Page for Small Business” informative, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and stay connected with blogjunta to updated with the latest digital marketing tips.


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