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How to Make an Everlasting Roses Acrylic Box?

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Gifting roses is undoubtedly the best way to show your love. Whether it is a birthday gift or an anniversary present, it must be a gift that they will always remember. In regards to roses, there is a term called “Everlasting.”

The term refers to roses that last for a long time. Therefore, it is possible to maintain these roses at a low cost. Everlasting roses may live for up to three years. Preservatives ensure their longevity.

The preservative method keeps their softness and natural beauty. These everlasting roses come in a wide variety of colors. If you are thinking of a unique gift for your loved ones, it is the best gift for them.

And, what if you make it on your own? Doesn’t it sound good? Now you must be wondering about the making process. Oh! You don’t need to worry about it. In this blog, we will learn the entire process of making an everlasting roses acrylic box. So, keep reading the blog.

A complete guide for making everlasting roses acrylic boxes

This blog section will have a complete guide to making an everlasting rose box on your own. But before that, we will learn the steps of making the acrylic box. We will also discuss things required for making it.

Things needed for making an acrylic rose box

First, you will need roses having similar sizes. Secondly, you need to be very conscious while choosing the rose from your garden. The roses should be disease-free. If you are harvesting them from the garden, you need to cut them in the mid-morning. Next, you will need a plastic container.

The making will also need silica gel, but the quantity depends upon the size of the container you are choosing for the making process. You will also need a wire. Collect all the things mentioned earlier and start with the making process.

Step guide to making an everlasting rose box

In this blog, we will learn to make an everlasting box of roses in two different ways. So, let’s begin. After collecting all the elements, let’s make an everlasting rose. Follow the mentioned steps. After you complete the process, it will take a few days to dry. After it dries completely, you are ready with your rose box.

Way 1

  • Take fresh roses of equal sizes – Put together all the roses. They all should be of equal sizes. You can gather roses from your garden too. All you need to do is harvest those roses on a dry day and mid-morning. Of course, the roses need to be healthy and free from disease.
  • Remove all the petals from the rose – Cut the stem and separate the petals from the flower.
  • Cut the stem into pieces – Take the flower’s stem and cut it into pieces that are equal to 2 -3 inches.
  • Spread the silica gel – Put the silica gel in half in the plastic container.
  • Drop the petals in the silica gel – Take the petals that we have separated from the flower, and put them into the silica gel.
  • Fill the container with gel: Now, fill the container with the silica gel.
  • Jiggle the container to make the petals settle down.
  • Cover the container properly- Cover the container so that it does not permit other particles to enter it.
  • Create a wire stem- You need to create a wire stem now. All you have to do is push the end of the rose through the base of the rose. Bend the short end then and cut out the remaining wire, the longer one. Finally, wrap the end using the florists’ tape.

Way 2

  • Put all the roses together– Ensure that the roses do not have foliage. Take five or six roses and remove the foliage. Use a rubber band to secure the bottom of the stems together.
  • Hang the rose in an upside-down position – You have to hang the rose in an upside-down place. The room should be well ventilated, dry, and cool.
  • Hair spraying on the flower- After all this, you need to spray the roses using hair spray. The roses must be dried, and they may crumble. So, wisely spray the roses after removing them from the hook.

Way Ahead

That was all about making an everlasting roses acrylic box. If you wish to make a personalized rose box, you can use the above mentioned steps. First, collect all the necessary items and follow the mentioned steps one by one. Then, make a rose box, and give it to your near and dear ones, or you can even keep it with yourself.

There must be some moments when you will wish to preserve it. So, you can make a forever-lasting rose box either for yourself or your family and friends. I hope the blog has helped you and you have liked it. We will come back with another blog for you!

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