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How To Make Yourself Burp? – 7 Worthy Ways

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Burping is one of the simple ways to treat bloating. It helps relieve gas pressure. Burping is also called belching. It involves the discharge of gas from the gastrointestinal tract to the mouth.

Burps occur when air is consumed while eating and drinking and is later ejected. The air that is expelled is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.

Fast Facts On How To Make Yourself Burp

Whereas inability to burp is rare, some persons are unable to do so.

Burping can help eliminate gas and stomach discomfort.

After eating, the majority of people experience gas and release it through burp or gas.

How To Prevent Your Burp

Take less gas-producing foods such as cabbage peas, lentils, and dairy products.

 Eat gently to avoid swallowing additional air.

 Quit smoking

 Avoid chewing an excessive number of gums.

Take dinner two hours before bedtime.

How To Make Yourself Burp?

While it may sound unappealing, but a good burp feels great. Burping is a natural way for your body to expel excess gas. But some individuals can’t burp. Imagine being unable to remove all that trapped air!

The epiglottis sphincter loses its capacity to expel air, and you can’t burp. The upper esophageal barrier is a muscle valve that surrounds the food pipe right below the throat.

The sphincter muscle relaxes while swallowing but contracts contrarily. When someone burps, the sphincter muscle relaxes to let the air out.

Are you worried about how to make yourself burp? We get it in this blog. So, here are some basic techniques to help you in burp because nothing else works. Please read my full blog.

1. Movement

Movement can increase pressure on the air in the gut and force upwards, potentially causing the individual to burp.

If a guy is sitting with thinking about how to burp, they should move. If they are walking, they may move posture.

Lying down and quickly moving is another option. Other times, further action is needed. Walking, jogging, leaping vertically and horizontally, or stretching may blow air out of the abdomen.

2. Forcing Air

Forcing air down your throat is one way to help the sphincter muscle to contract. First, bring in air into the mouths to the degree of extending the jaws and throat. A person should maintain sucking air this way until an air bubble forms in the throat.

The next step is to cover the lips with the tongue by connecting the top of the mouth with the language. Next, expel the air by softly dropping the tongue and opening lips.

3. Swallowing Air

Swallowing air is also another way to create a burp, and it is easy to attain. Exhale until the nostrils are empty.

Then breath in deeply and keep for as long as necessary. Breathe and exhale again, and take the air. Drinking a sip of water or squeezing the nose can make it so much easier.

4. Take Antacids

Burping may ease the stress caused by gas and bloated for quite a while, but it is not a permanent cure for such situations.

There is a good tip that will help you understand how to burp and avoid gas and bloating. Taking antacids that include calcite can also cause somebody to burp.

However, antacids are usually taken to treat acidity and should be the last choice to trigger burping. Do not use antacids routinely unless prescribed by your doctor.

5. Triggering The Gag Reflex

Triggering the gag reflex can cause a burp, but this should be considered as a last option. A person can make a burp by rubbing the back of his lips with a clean finger.

The touch should be smooth enough to push air upwards. The purpose is only to burp, not to puke. Too much effort can produce vomiting; thus, it is essential to be careful.

6. Eat Gassy Foods

Gassy foods like cauliflower, beans, and broccoli don’t simply cause gas – they can induce burp due to the pressure that develops inside your tummy due to the gas produced.

Similarly, as with vaporous drinks, so with light food sources. Have you at any point questioned why eating an apple commonly ends up with a giant burp?

This is generally because apples include a suitable combination of air, provided when you bite and begin processing them.

7. Drink a Carbonated Refreshment

Pop, wine, or other carbonated liquids include gases. This is the stuff that makes them sparkle.

The gases will grow in your tummy and produce a burp without a sound, which may help reduce your stomach pain.

You should try it if you are still confused about how to burp. Don’t only drink the carbonated beverage for a better experience.


Burping is an expression of appreciation for a big, satisfying meal in several cultures. But sometimes, people can’t burp, and the air is trapped.

You can try some methods if you don’t know how to make yourself burp. Excess gas in the digestive system can cause extreme discomfort, swelling, and allow poisons to remain inside you.

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