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How to Paint Your Garage Doors

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When it comes to home maintenance, it’s about more than doing the dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. You also need to make sure that your gutters are cleaned once or twice every year, the weeds in the garden are kept under control, and you do other jobs to help improve the overall appearance of your home’s exteriors.

One area that you might not think a lot about but should do is your garage. Even if you don’t use it for your cars very often but rather as additional storage, it’s still important to make sure this space is organized so that it’s clean and safe to be in.

You should also make sure to repaint your garage doors if they start to flake and peel, as this can make your home appear run down. If you haven’t done this before, here are some basic steps to follow:

  • Wash Your Garage Door

Before you put any paint on your garage door, you must first make sure that it’s clean. Otherwise, the dirt and grime will spoil the paint and possibly leave it looking uneven. You might also want to strip any old paint off the door so that you have a smooth surface to paint over.

  • Apply Primer

You don’t necessarily have to apply a primer as an undercoat first, but it can help the paint to stick better and give a nicer finish when everything is dry. If you are going to do this step, make sure that you have a primer that is suitable for metals and garage doors – weatherproof paint for exteriors is ideal.

  • Paint the Door

The next step, once everything is cleaned and the primer (if you have chosen to use it) is dry, is painting the door! When you are choosing paint for your garage at the hardware store, the same rules apply when choosing the primer.

Make sure that it’s suitable for metallic materials and that it will be durable in all kinds of weather. The color you choose will be down to personal preference, but a lot of people choose whites, reds, greens, or even black for their garage doors.

You could even use different colors or paint a mural on your garage door if you want to be more creative and make your house stand out. You could paint your house number on the garage door; just make sure you use magnetic stencils for a neater finish.

Additional Tips

Those are the basic steps to painting your garage door, but you should be mindful of these additional tips as well. Firstly, make sure that you’re choosing a day with good weather to paint your door.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be sunny, but it needs to be dry at least! You should also have a selection of paintbrushes and rollers to use, as both can be useful for a project like this. Stepladders can also help you to reach more awkward areas, and always tape off the areas around your garage door that you don’t want to get paint on.

If your garage door has seen better days, it could be time to give it a makeover. Use these basic steps and tips to help you repaint it and improve your home’s exterior.

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