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How to Plan a Luxury Wedding

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For many, their wedding day is one of the big ones, a day they look forward to with excited anticipation and one to look back on with fondness as a gorgeous day well spent with loved ones. Every wedding has its lovely touches, but with a few simple tweaks, you can turn your lovely wedding into a luxury wedding. How? It’s time to take a look!


One of the first decisions that many brides and grooms make is where the special event will take place. The venue is one way you can reflect your preferences and tastes, which is why it is so important that venue-hunting should take top priority when planning. 

A great way to make your wedding all the more elegant is to find a luxuriously unique wedding venue like The Riverhouse that exquisitely complements both your relationship and taste, ensuring a fabulous day will ensue. 

Food and Drink

Food and drink are a vital part of a wedding celebration, taking center stage post-ceremony and again while the speeches are taking place. Therefore, they should not just be mindlessly presented but should create an experience that perfectly adheres to and enhances the day’s theme. 

After all, a burger and fries have their place in life (of course – wouldn’t it be miserable if they didn’t?) but providing your guests with premium spirits at cocktail hour or caviar, lobster, and steak at dinner will elevate your day to magnificent heights. 

Themes and Touches

The most elegant weddings often have a theme running throughout them. It creates the impression of a perfect day that has been pulled effortlessly together and provides a feast for your guests’ senses at all turns. 

Themes may be daunting initially, but they don’t have to be – a simple color scheme often works well and can be present in all aspects of the day, from invitations to bridal party dresses, to the type of fabrics used to cover chair and tables, to table decorations and flowers.

Another popular way to theme your special day is by using a particular ‘style,’ often based on the venue of choice. For example, a wedding taking place in a dreamy vineyard conjures up images of rustic French charm with lace and pastel flowers, whereas a grand mansion ballroom would better fit dramatic and bold choices.  


Some venues are used for the entire proceedings, from the ceremony to the last dance. However, transport may play a part in the big day even in cases such as this, as many bridal parties choose to get ready elsewhere and make their grand entrance when the time is right. 

One of the best ways to make your arrival one to remember is to arrive in transport that perfectly compliments the day. From vintage cars to limos, horses, or even riverboats, you can guarantee that the splendor of your arrival will set the tone for the celebrations ahead.     

The best day of your life will be captured in photos and videos forever, so making choices that exude opulence, elegance, and style will mean a lifetime of lasting memories capturing the celebration of your partnership in the most extraordinary way.  

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