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How to Prep for Your Class 12th Maths?

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The competition amidst students is quite high in this contemporary time. Maybe the sources to study and learn are abundant but the competition is even touching great heights.  Students must prepare a lot to get good marks. Talking particularly about pcm, that means physics, chemistry and mathematics; it is somewhat really challenging.  This area is selected only after class 10th

These three subjects are always challenging for students. Physics encompasses the understanding of all the physical phenomenon that take place at both macro and that of microscopic level. Speaking of chemistry, it includes study of manifold chemicals and chemical process that are taking place.

While maths encompasses diverse types of measurements. Each subject owns its own physical significance and these are linked to each other.  Of course, if you are in class 12th then you can check out ncert 12 maths solution and ensure that you ace at them.

Of course, the right solutions can take you int eh right direction. Come on you need not to be fearful about maths. If you are a little weak at maths that is okay.  You can make sure that you study hard, prepare well and keep yourself equipped with the strategies to ace at this exam in your 12th boards.

Proper time management 

You must begin managing your time tactfully right after your 10th. You cannot simply take your studies as a joke or simply funny thing. The more serious and concentrating you are towards your studies, the better you can actually perform. It is all about how you take the studies and what you do to attain the maximum knowledge about them. Time management plays a critical role in the lives of the students, especially in board classes. 

When you are managing your time in the proper manner, you would always find time to prep for all the concepts that pain you. For example , once you start studying and solving sums from a good math book, you can be sure that you prepare well. Every day practice as per your time management will help you grow and do well.

What you may do is simply fork your timing among different subjects. How much time you actually assign to a particular subject depends totally on your preparation. If you are good at a particular subject, you can do the preparation accordingly. In case you feel that you are week at some specific subject, you may work double for it and spend more time on that.

Don’t keep your doubts 

Never really carry your doubts with you as a baggage. You need to shun your doubts the moment they are created. The main way is to consult your teachers in the coaching class and they might guide you in the most effective way. They might tell you the meaning as well as strategy to understand and crack the concept.

The point is you need to be sure that even if you are studying yourself and you are solving different sums and equations from different chapters of your class 12th maths, you are not keeping any doubts. If any doubt pops up in your mind, simply solve it and you are good to go ahead with proper preparation.

Strategize and then prepare!

The long form questions (five to six marks), that are the most feared aspect of a paper, mostly come from one of the following given areas or sections:

  • Calculus, that includes a whopping 44% weightage, and may even be really scoring
  • Differential equations consisting of the application grounded difficult questions.
  • Vectors as well as 3d geometry owns the next highest seventeen percent weightage.

Remember that the above-mentioned topics are practice-based and the finest way to gain perfection in them is to practice and that of even solve more and more problems on them. 

  • Probability, relations and that of even functions and algebra own a weightage of ten percent and thirteen percent respectively.
  • Linear programming is six percent 

These are the topics that don’t require additional practice beyond the 1s you have covered in your overall ncert textbooks. Similarly, remember that in linear programming, a five -mark question comes from such a chapter, that can be dealt with via little practice of understanding the questions and writing the overall linear equations.

Prep from ncert textbooks 

You know what, it is true supplementary books may be used as references, the ncert type of textbooks offer an exhaustive range of proper exercise questions and solved examples on each topic, that is more than enough to do well in your 12th board examinations.

It would be good if you keep marking the important and challenging questions while doing so, and ensure to keep a reference book alongside your ncert textbooks, for quick clarification on complex topics.


To sum up , you can check out ncert 12 maths book and start your prep right away. You can even check out Infinity Learn for more material. Once you stay focused, stay dedicated and do proper time management; you score well.

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