How to prepare your house for the market

dream home

With housing markets all over the world starting to rise in price there has never been a better time to sell and get your dream home. However, as housing prices are rising there are obvious pros and cons that go with it.

On the upside you are likely to get a good price for yours, probably more than you would ever have gotten for it in the past; but the downside is that you are more than likely going to have to pay more for your next property then you would have had to in the past too. 

Check that all the jobs are completed

When you are looking to put your house on the market, do a walk around either with your partner or a friend and write down all the little jobs that jump out at you as needing to be done. It is guaranteed that if the little job jumps out at you, your partner, or your friend that they will jump out to the real estate agent and any prospective purchasers too. This will mean that your asking price could be substantially reduced or that your house will struggle to sell.

It is, therefore, imperative that you write the list and work your way down it, making sure that all jobs are completed before involving a real estate agent and putting your property on the market.

Deal with exterior issues

You will have to deal with exterior issues as well and this is not just down to sprucing up the exterior of your property, of which you will want to have some serious curb appeal to get your desired asking price and to get prospective purchasers flooding through your front door to see if they like the rest of your property. But in any issues that you may have been the victim of. 

Although it is not every street or even every neighborhood that suffer from youths congregating outside homes and making a nuisance of themselves, the homes that do suffer can feel more like prison cells, the fear of going out and being ridiculed or being the victim of abusive behavior is overwhelming and soul-destroying. If your home has turned into a nightmare (which is one of the reasons you have decided to move), you could very well find your prospective buyers will know, and this too will lower the price you can ask for your property.

One way to deal with this is to get a mosquito anti loitering device, this little device can give you the peace of mind that you need and have you regaining confidence back within your neighborhood.

Dress it to sell it

It is important that you dress your home to make it look as appealing as possible to those that are considering purchasing it. There are very few people in this world that will look around a home that looks unclean, uncared for, and generally a bomb site with the mindset of buying it unless they are getting it for a rock bottom price.

If you want top dollar for your property, you are going to have to make it look every cent worth it, even if it means purchasing a few soft furnishings and some new drapes to do so.

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