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How to Store and Clean your Precious Stone Jewelry

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If you want your gemstone jewelry to shine forever, you’ll need to learn about proper gemstone cleaning and storage

Without proper care and storage, gemstones can lose their shine over time or even become scratched and damaged. Most people don’t know but everyday things like lotions, perfumes, cleaning products and environmental exposure can rob your gemstones of their gleam and brightness! 

If your gemstones are looking a little lackluster these days, check out our guide on the proper gemstone jewelry cleaning and storage techniques. We’ll go over some tips to help you restore your jewelry’s shine and how to properly store it to keep it safe for years to come. 

Before we get started, remember that properly cleaning gemstone jewelry requires the right commercial cleaning products.

You can pick up these products at an online jewelry store like Zales… and maybe even shop for a new gemstone to add to your collection! With this promo code for Zales, take advantage of a major discount on your next purchases!

Identify the Stones

Before you start cleaning your stones, make sure you know exactly what stones they are. Different gemstones have different properties and require different cleaning methods. 

If you’re not sure what type of gemstones you have, bring them for an appraisal to a certified jeweler or geologist. They can also give you an estimated value for your jewelry and let you know about any quirks or imperfections your jewels may have.

Remember that when purchasing jewelry, any legitimate jeweler should be able to provide information about the gems you purchase. 

Cleaning your Gemstone Jewelry at Home

Once you’ve properly identified your jewelry, it’s time to clean them. Follow these tips to help restore your jewelry to it’s like-new condition:

  • It’s always a safe bet to choose a commercially prepared jewelry cleaner. The only exceptions are opals, coral, pearls, turquoise or amber. These should always be cleaned by a professional jeweler only.
  • The first step to cleaning jewelry is always to soak your pieces. Use either just warm water or a very mild detergent and leave you jewelry soaking for a few minutes. Remember that dishwashing liquid is the strongest at-home detergent you should use. 
  • Use a soft brush to gently clean your jewels. Go slowly and take your time. If there are any accumulations trapped within the small crevices of your jewelry, you can use a toothpick to carefully remove them. 
  • Once you’re done brushing your jewelry, soak your jewelry one last time. After a few moments, remove your jewelry and wash it under gentle running water. Just make sure this water is the same temperature as your cleaning solution. Major changes in temperature can damage your jewelry. 

Follow these easy cleaning tips and you’ll have bright and shining jewelry for many years to come! 

Even if you do a fabulous knob cleaning your jewelry at home, it never hurts to take your jewelry to a professional once a year to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected. A professional jeweler can check for damage like broken prongs and weak stones and catch any similar issues before the result in a lost stone! 

How to Store Gemstone Jewelry 

You should always store your gemstone jewelry in gemstone jewelry bags or gemstone jars. Not only will this help you keep your jewelry organized, but it will also help protect your stones from chips and scratches.

If the container you choose for storage is transparent, make sure you keep your jewels out of direct sunlight. You can also find professional gemstone cases for sale at most jewelers. 

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