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How to Treat Your Child on Their Next Birthday

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When your children become a year older, it’s delightful to watch them excitedly open presents and celebrate with their friends and family. A child’s birthday is one of those days that you’ll look forward to nearly as much as they will, with excitement and love permeating your family for 24 hours of fun. In this article, we’ll look at what you can do to make your child’s next birthday as fun as possible, treating them to a wonderful day whether they’re turning 4 or 14. 


Gifts are a fundamental part of the birthday experience when you’re younger. You wake up on the day of your birthday looking forward to heading to your living room and opening all of your presents. What makes a good present, though? How can you really treat your child the next time they’re celebrating becoming a year older? Well, some gifts are hugely exciting for children, such as the next game console on the market or an exciting new toy. Others are thoughtful, filling a gap in their life that you’ve identified. Often the best presents, though, are those that get your child into a new hobby, be that playing a musical instrument, or picking up a sport you think they’d love. These presents can set up life-long hobbies and will be remembered for years to come. 


When your child is young, a birthday party is incredibly fun and exciting. They have the chance to invite all their friends from school to an event that will be full of laughter, and that’s another part of the birthday experience that they’ll not forget in a hurry. While even a simple birthday party can have all the bells and whistles attached – the games, the food, and the music – you can go the extra mile by finding the most exciting kids birthday party places in your area, replete with dozens of activities that young children love. 


The birthday cake is synonymous with a birthday, especially when your children are young. Making it yourself, as opposed to buying one that’s been pre-made in the shops, will mean a bit more to them. Of course, you’ll also be able to personalize the cake if you’re making it yourself, using icing to create a model of something that your child loves, be that a football or a horse. However, you could always reach out to a professional baker for that personal touch without needing to get involved or learn a new skill yourself!

Significant Ages

There are a number of significant ages in a child’s life. When they turn 13, they’re officially a teenager. When they turn 16, they’re legally allowed to do more things, like register to vote and get a driving license. 18 is another landmark date, as is 21 – though you might not be in as much control of these latter birthdays as the earlier landmarks. Because your child feels older when they pass one of these milestones, be sure to make them feel that way with more “adult” presents or significant gifts they’ll take through into adulthood. Gifts that mark the passing of time are a wonderful way to celebrate milestone ages. 

These are 4 fantastic ways to make your child’s next birthday a little bit more special.

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