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How to Use Video to Boost Sales and Build Brand Awareness

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Video content is becoming a more common approach for companies to increase brand exposure and revenue. The incorporation of video into marketing plans and methods helps familiarize potential buyers with your product or service. Furthermore, video is more memorable and intriguing than other types of marketing content, and it sticks with customers longer.

If you have still not joined in the video content marketing trend, you need to start. If you want to attract consumers and get them to buy your products, you should develop engaging live content and videos.

What Is The Importance Of Videos In Marketing?

Let’s start with why video content marketing is one of the most significant, if not THE MOST crucial, methods to attract new customers to your business. Apart from being more engaging and attracting people to your website or landing page, it may tremendously boost your sales by encouraging them to click the order or purchase button.

A well-articulated video has the ability to influence a customer’s purchasing decision. It allows consumers to imagine themselves enjoying your service or product and understanding how well and effectively it meets their needs and solves their pain points.

They can see and experience the emotions and expressions conveyed in a video far more clearly than any photograph or printed message can.

Take, for example, the real estate sector. The National Association of Realtors conducted research and discovered that house listings with video saw a 403 percent rise in inquiries simply because potential home buyers like the notion of being able to watch footage that displays the properties. As a result, 73 percent of homeowners have expressed that they wish to sell the ability to market with a realtor who uses video.

How to Get Started with Video Content

Say you’re just getting started with the video content in your branding and marketing awareness strategy. In such an instance, one of the most rewarding steps you can take is to assist your prospective customers in visualizing and contemplating how their lives would be better as a result of using your product or service.

Putting your viewers in the forefront can help you make your presentations more entertaining and helpful, allowing you to illustrate how your service or product works and what they should expect.

Giving your viewers a sneak peek of your product or service in action makes it far more interesting for them to watch. You can also feature existing customers in the videos to further cement your value and offer excellent feedback to others who are considering buying from you. Videos, as well as your website or landing page, should be part of your social media plan.

Things to Note When Developing a Branding Strategy

The ultimate purpose of video content is to reach out to your target audience. Keep the video brief and relevant, and dish out fresh ideas without being aggressive. You can start by demonstrating to the viewers how to use your product while being entertaining.

Determine where you get the most interaction, which social platforms have the most devoted clients, and don’t hesitate to explore different content types. 

Bonus Tips for Core Branding

Also, consider using different packaging materials and finishes—such as foil with gloss laminate that reflects light and gives a metallic look, or kraft labels that will look warm and organic when posed against natural materials—when shooting the video.

These details will definitely work together to create an overall ambience and styling that will produce the best product photos that will truly represent your brand.

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