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Huawei Matebook Pro X: A Quick Review

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Most of the Huawei Matebooks are the best competitors of Macbooks. Matebook X Pro has various plus points along with quite fewer limitations. Here is the detail of its design, display, and other specs.


In recent years you might have seen the colors of most of the laptops as grey or black. The edition of a fresh-colored laptop with a slim and sleek design is a favorite among consumers. The Emerald Green color makes the look of this laptop unique.

The keyboard comprises speakers around its surrounding, a super comfortable touchpad under it, and a fingerprint reader above it. There is no webcam on its screen. The exciting part that comes here is that it pops up from the top of the screen and provides HD quality.


With the perfect 3;2 aspect ratio and an ultimate resolution, Matebook Pro  X provides the perfect resolution for the ultimate experience of watching movies. With a 3000 x 2000 display, 13.9-inch display screen as well as the perfect aspect ratio, the screen leaves a remarkable experience for every viewer.

The 4.5 x 3.0 inches touchpad and the keyboard have a spectacular feel and provide a better experience as compared to others. You can click anywhere on the touchpad to feel the click. There are no separate buttons for right or left-click.

The webcam is not embedded on top of the screen of the laptop. On the keyboard, there appears a pop-up webcam on pressing the key for it. It provides 720p quality results as well as the best quality images.


The Intel Core i7 processor as well as 16 gigabytes of RAM. You can juggle more than 20 chrome tabs along with several 1080 P quality youtube videos. The potential of transcoding a 4k video into 1080 p in a few minutes makes it bigger in performance and features.

1 terabyte of SSD provides a transfer rate of 1146 megabytes which is almost double of an average laptop. The processing speed of SSD is remarkable and provides 2825 speed which is record-breaking. You can buy this masterpiece from the official website at an affordable rate in Ramadan Sale.


The battery life of these laptops is spectacular. You can utilize all of its features at an ultra-speed for 10 hours. You can have 10 hours long battery life along with all of the best features in this laptop. It is the record-breaking battery timing among the whole series of Matebook as well as the competitors of it.


The matebook pro X comprises a vital piece of software. It provides information about essential drivers to be installed for a better user experience. It also provides you updates for the built-in applications and drivers for better working of hardware components.

Huawei provides a limited warranty of one year. The product is not available in all of the countries, so it may vary according to your residency and whether you can have the facility of warranty or not.

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