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The Importance of Wellness and Preventative Care for Dogs

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Wellness examinations can help to identify any issues with your pet’s health and well-being so that they can receive treatment if necessary. You may know your pet well, but if you are not a professional veterinarian, you will not know what to look for and could be missing important signs. Benefits of regularly taking your pet to the veterinary include:


Frequent wellness checks allow the veterinarian and the pet to become familiar with one another. If they understand the dog better, they will be able to identify unusual behavior, energy levels, or gradual changes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Attending less often usually means that it will be more daunting for the pet, and if they are restless, it will be difficult to get to know what they are like when comfortable.

Each observation can be compared to the previous medical data to determine whether further tests are required. This provides an advantage to both the veterinarian and pet as any issues can be dealt with before they become worse or potentially fatal.


Visits to the veterinarian should not only be considered in times when pets are unwell. They should also be used to keep the risk of illness minimal with preventative care.

Orting Animal Hospital advocates for the importance of well-being examinations by comparing them to routine check-ups in humans.

Monitoring health changes throughout lifestyle changes is effective in preventing unexpected issues, and that is equally clear in dogs and cats too. Check-ups are important for the whole family!


Taking your dog to get their shots is particularly important when they are a puppy, as this is when they are most vulnerable but should not be regarded as redundant afterward.

There are shots that are beneficial for dogs throughout all stages of their life, such as rabies boosters. Regular checks can ensure they are kept up-to-date to prevent common viruses from interfering with their health.


Fleas, ticks, and worms can transmit nasty diseases to your pet if left untreated, and there is also a risk of internal parasites that can cause serious infection and illness. Prevention is better than the cure, and it is simple and effective in keeping your dog healthy, which is why it is important to avoid skipping a trip to the veterinarian.


The veterinarian is the best place to receive reliable advice when it comes to making decisions about your dog.

Whether you are considering puppy neutering or are interested in a behavioral assessment to indicate whether professional training would be appropriate, you can also receive guidance on keeping your pet healthy and feel reassured that you are providing them with the best treatment such as dental care, weight, and hygiene. 

Consider scheduling a wellness examination and introducing your dog to regular visits and begin healthy habits to ensure that they are receiving the best preventative care possible. Building a positive relationship between your veterinarian and your pet can improve their quality of life by promoting good health and well-being.

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