Important Information Regarding PMP Certification Course That You Need to Know

Important Information Regarding PMP Certification Course That You Need to Know

The project management professional certification is a certificate that we provide at the end of the completion of a PMP certification training course offered by us.

By receiving a certificate you will have an edge at getting recruited and getting a high salary. We provide training for PMP exam by giving various assessments, quizzes and mock tests.

We also conduct activity workshops from time to time to enhance your managerial skills and teach you strategy planning by being a part of a team. This work-experience will help you in the future, when you apply for the job.

Details about the PMP course offered by us

The PMP course offered by us comes with various benefits. We highly recommend you to go through all the details before enrolling with a training course with us for project management professional.

The PMP certification training that we provide is recognized worldwide and we are the leading PMP training providers in various cities. We use digital resources that have been provided to us by the Project Management Institute itself.

Our trainers are recognized professionals who are great in their respective fields. The following are the highlights of the PMP training offered by us:

  • You’ll be able clear PMP exam in your first attempt (otherwise 100% money back guarantee)
  • Your project management skills and strategies will be validated and recognized through the certification
  • We use curated digital resources that have been provided by PMI
  • Through the PMP training, you’ll be able to learn time management skills, meet deadlines and requirements and keep your team and customer happy
  • There is intensive theory and practical session (meaning assessments and workshops)
  • We prepare you for PMP exams by giving exercises, activities, quizzes and mock tests that have more than 700 latest PMP questions 
  • There are a total of 35 hours of live training sessions by professional instructors so that you can clear all your queries and doubts
  • We’ll also you with any kind of help you need for the PMP exam application like guidance regarding the registration, membership, review and submission
  • Besides getting a certificate at the end of the completion of the PMP training course you’ll also receive 35 PDUs
  • 100% money back guarantee if you couldn’t pass the PMP exam in first attempt
  • We provide experiential workshops from time to time to test your knowledge in real-life situations when you’re working as a part of a team
  • There are post training sessions as well to help you overcome challenges that you might encounter if you are completely unaware of project management and take this course
  • From gaining knowledge to attaining the certification, KnowledgeHut provides all kinds of support to the trainee
  • KnowledgeHut provides an exclusive Grand Pass for up to 180 days by which the applicant can become advantageous by taking the free refresher course

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It is highly necessary to set your goals once you decide to become a project management professional. You will have to learn time management, strategy planning and competitive skills.

If you do wish to get enrolled in a position of a project management professional, we recommend you to get a certified training course for the same because it will very useful for you in the future.

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