How to Increase Your Online Business Presence

How to increase your online business presence

When you start a business, the next step is to grow it by setting up stable revenue streams.

In order to increase your startup revenue, online business presence is highly important. People tend to do more shopping online instead of physically visiting marketplace. Due to vast benefits of online shopping, it is good to increase your business presence online. It will not only give you a chance to locally market your business but also worldwide.

So, if you are a startup owner and searching for best ways to increase your online business presence, then in this article, I’m to share proven ways that will help to boost your startup presence online.

5 Best Ways to Increase Your Online Business Presence

How to increase your online business presence

1# Develop Your own eCommerce Website

If you are running a local business but want to increase your sales, then you should go online. You can target more customers. For this, you need to setup your own eCommerce site.

Developing and setting up eCommerce website is quite easy these days. You just need to find a good domain name that matches with your actual business and buy it. After that you’ll need to buy a good web hosting. Once purchase, then install good eCommerce WordPress theme and set wet go. Simple!

For beginners, we will also discuss in detail how to develop your own eCommerce Website on WordPress within hours. So, keep visiting Blog Junta ?

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2# Create Social Media Pages

Once you are done with your website, the next step is to sign up on social media website and create your business pages. List all details of your business (including website, email & phone number) so potential buyers can explore your pages and reach you easily.

The major social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & YouTube.

3# List in Local Business Directories

Let’s say, you are running a small business in Pakistan and you just launched your website. To boost your online business presence, you need to submit your website and all other business details in local business directories.

In local business directories, Google My Business and Bing places are among the top sites where you can list your business details.

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4# Do Search Engine Optimization

This is another important step to enhance your online startup presence. With search engine optimization (SEO), your website will start ranking in search engine results.

When you successfully ranked in top 10 pages of the Google (the most popular search engine), then most likely you will start getting leads and ultimately sales.

Pro Tip: Make sure you do an effective on page SEO, off page SEO (most importantly link building), Technical and Local SEO.

5# Think Out of the Box

If you want to grow and make your business successful, you should think out of the box like how you can grow your online business and increase its presence.

Some ideas I can share it with you such as you should start guest posting on other relevant websites. It will greatly help you in link building (important of off-page SEO).

Also, collaborate with influencers like MJI Marketing on social media for influencer marketing. Similarly, you should start content marketing to further grow your online business.

Final words

Hope, you find these tips useful. If you have more tips and strategies, then feel free to share it in the comment box.

Author Bio: Ibrahim is a freelancer writer and regular contributor at OnYourDesks.


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