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Integrative Functional Medicine & Their Benefits

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What Is Integrative Medicine?

Many patients are in search of a doctor who can assist them in creating or living a healthier life while seeking a primary medicinal cure. Finding an integrative medicine doctor is a terrific approach to avoid future medical difficulties and give yourself a chance for a strong, happy life.

This medicinal model of care is patient-centered, and it actively tackles the complete spectrum of variables that might impact a person’s health, including mental, social, and environmental factors. Rose Wellness provides a detailed article on Integrative medicine.

Why Integrative Medicine? 

Patients who have various illnesses affecting several body systems and seeing separate therapists for every one of their issues is far too common. Rather than addressing individual symptoms, integrative medicine focuses on how diverse symptoms may be linked and explores core causes. 

How does Integrative Medicine Function? 

By lowering exhaustion, pain, and anxiety, integrative medicine can assist patients with cancer, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and many other disorders in better managing their symptoms and enhancing their quality of life. Common practices include the following:

  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Veterinary-assisted treatment
  • Supplements for the diet
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Therapeutic music

How is Integrative Medicine Different? 

The focus shifts to reestablishing balance and taking into account circumstances that may limit the patient’s capacity to follow suggestions, such as cultural food restrictions or the difficulty to follow an exercise program due to job responsibilities.

Integrative medicine, like Eastern Medicine and Ayurveda, concentrates on wellbeing, vitality, and healing rather than concentrating just on the condition. Restoring the natural immune state of balance can help to restore this harmony and promote good health.

Is Integrative Medicine a Better Choice? 

Traditional allopathic therapy choices are combined with the body to mind therapies such as yoga and meditation to create a treatment plan that prioritizes less intrusive and affordable therapies.

In circumstances where healing is not always achievable, reaching a state of “wellness” is very crucial. The majority of integrative practitioners recommend therapies that can be researched scientifically.

Patients, on the other hand, are not discouraged from utilizing specific therapies if the suggested therapy has been demonstrated as a safety standpoint to your medical issues.

3 Main Benefits of Integrative Functional Medicine

  • Functional Medicine Develops A Personalized Health Strategy

You are a one-of-a-kind individual. Shouldn’t your health care plan be personalized to your specific needs? Standard American medical treatment is centered on symptom management, which entails identifying a predefined range of symptoms and employing pharmacological interventions to alleviate them. 

This can be beneficial if you require immediate medical attention, but it is ineffective for long-term health goals. Why? Because this method does not take into consideration your specific situation, background, and lifestyle. Functional medicine practitioners use a holistic approach to patient care. They understand that you require a tailored 

  • Functional Medicine Identifies And Cures Underlying Illnesses

Rather than focusing on symptoms, functional medicine identifies and cures underlying illnesses. Getting well necessitates an understanding of what is causing your illness.

When you go to your doctor complaining about high blood pressure, lethargy, or high cholesterol, traditional medical care will consist of a pill or two and a brief lecture about exercise or nutrition.

However, popping a tablet will not resolve the issue, and lifestyle adjustments will necessitate help and advice. A brief speech might leave you feeling unprepared and overwhelmed.

If you wish to regain your health, you must first determine what lifestyle factors and environmental difficulties are causing your illness. Functional medicine can assist you in determining what changes you need to make in order to be healthy. Then your doctor acts as a coach for you.

  • Functional Medicine Fosters Patient-Doctor Collaboration

Shouldn’t you have a say in your own care? After all, it’s your body! Yet, all too frequently in conventional care, you are denied a voice. In regular care, you’re supposed to quiet up and accept whatever medicine is supplied to you. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for you to wait an hour or more for a ten-minute medical appointment. 

According to a report in the ‘Journal of General Internal Medicine, patient-clinician communications in the United States are severely inadequate.

In the survey questionnaire, a patient had only 11 seconds on average to explain the purpose of the appointment before being stopped by the doctor. Relationships between patients and clinicians are prioritized in functional medicine. Doctors undertake long consultations and obtain detailed personal histories.

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