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Is Hanahaki Disease Real? – Briefly Explained

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What is Hanahaki Disease? Is it a disease or just a myth or a concept? How do this effects the person? Is Hanahaki disease real? What does it cause to the affected persons? To know all the answers to these questions, read all the articles. I will be telling you everything about Hanahaki disease in this article. Please read all the pieces to know everything about this disease.

What is Hanahaki Disease?

This is a disease that is developed in some persons who have one-sided love. The persons suffering from this disease throws and cough up flower petals. The throat of the patient fills up with flowers.

Then the patients release the petals of the flower by coughing. In some of the cases, the patients even throw the whole of the flower.

There are no specific flowers to be thrown by all the suffering patients. It can be the flower of the crush’s favorite flower or favorite color. Anyhow, this disease can be cured.

Hanahaki disease can be treated by surgically removing the flowers from the throat. But, this also causes the removal of the feelings for that person.

The other way to treat this disease is when the patients love should give them love back. Their friendship doesn’t work, and they should give back true love.

Origin of Hanahaki:

The term Hanahaki is originated from two Japanese words, “Hana,” which means “flower,” and “Hakimasu,” meaning “to throw up.” The Hanahaki disease got popular with the Japanese shoujo manga. Also by the Girl Who Spits Flowers by Naoko Matsuda was released in 2009.

Symptoms of Hanahaki Disease:

The patients of the Hanahaki Disease throws up and cough up flowers which are the only symptom of this disease.

These flowers are present in the heart and the lungs of the patients. They also have extreme pains. Patients show no other signs while suffering from Hanahaki Disease.

Versions of Hanahaki Disease:

Hanahaki has many varieties. It can be used in both happy and sad stories. This develops from some weeks to a few months or sometimes also in years.

In the beginning, the patient occasionally their up flower petals. But when it is the final stage, it spits out complete flowers, which is the cause of sharp pains in the patient.

In the happy ending versions, the crush realizes the love for him and pays back equal love. Hence, the patient comes back to customary conditions and gets cured of this disease.

In some cases, when the patient leaves hope and realizes that he will never get back the love, the patient dies.

In the other version, the patient is surgically treated. After the surgery, along with the petals, the love also vanishes entirely from the patient. Patient portal prefers dying to have this surgery. He then never loved that person again.

Is Hanahaki Disease Real?

This is only a fictional disease shown in movies and written in books. To display the love of one character for the other. But actually, this disease doesn’t exist.

What happens after surgical treatment of Hanahaki Disease?

The patient of the Hanahaki is never willing to perform this surgery. They wish better to die than to forget their love.

But after successful surgery is done on such patients, they become all fine. And they also forget and leave to live with that person again. Sometimes, the person after surgery never loves again.

Fictional Diseases like Hanahaki Disease:

There are so many other imaginary Diseases like that of Hanahaki.

1. Inferno:

In this fictional disease, an infected person becomes infertile. It is caused by the titular virus, which doesn’t actually exist either. This virus is waterborne.

2. Mad Snail Disease:

This disease also isn’t actual. An infected snail causes this. The symptoms include; messy pants, bloodshot eyes, loss of balance, and untrimmed toenails

3. Mad Zombie Disease:

In this unreal disease, it’s said that one bite changes the entire form of the individual. If a zombie bites, the organism transforms from one state to another.

4. Greyscale:

In this fictional disease, the affected person’s skin flesh stipens. And the color of their skin also vanishes. People suffering from this disease will have hard flesh without colors.

And other such diseases include:

Bendii syndrome, electro gonorrhea, and many other fictional infections.


While I’m concluding my article, I hope you answer whether Hanahaki Disease is real. In this article, I have discussed everything about the Hanahaki disease. From its origin to its treatment and symptoms. I hope you are transparent about it.

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