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Joinpd .com: How To Join And Login Peardeck?

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With the turn of the century and millennium, many aspects of our daily life have become digitalized. From online shopping to online education, there is nothing that can not be achieved with the use of the internet.

In recent years after the pandemic hit the world, the idea of online education has soared. This has given way to numerous online learning platforms, a variation of which is Pear Deck. 

Let’s get into details and know what Pear Deck is, how it works and how you can use joinPD .com to connect with teachers and educators from all over the world.

What is Pear Deck? Introduction to Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation platform that allows teachers and educators to create engaging and interactive lessons for students. JoinPD .com is the official website for joining and logging in to Pear Deck sessions. 

Pear Deck is an innovative educational technology tool designed to enhance classroom engagement and promote active learning. It integrates seamlessly with Google Slides and PowerPoint, empowering educators to create interactive presentations that keep students involved and enable real-time feedback.

Whether you are a teacher looking to create dynamic lessons or a student eager to participate in classroom activities, we have a thorough guide that will take you through the process of joining and logging in to Pear Deck using joinPD .com code.

What is JoinPD .com?

JoinPD .com  is an online platform where teachers register, set up an online course and generate a code link for students to attend and join which is known as a joinPD.com Code. After generating a unique code for each course, the teachers offering that particular online class provide the joinPD code to the students to join the class. 

Pear Deck is a very straightforward and user-friendly program that is making the concept of online classes much easier and more convenient for students as well as teachers.

The Importance of Pear Deck Login

Before diving into the process of joining and logging in to Pear Deck using joinPD .com, let’s explore the significance of a Pear Deck account:

  • Access to Interactive Lessons

By using Pear Deck and logging into an account on the platform, teachers gain access to a vast library of interactive lessons created by educators worldwide. This vast amount of resources can help save time in creating lessons from scratch and inspire creativity in the classroom.

  • Teacher Dashboard

Logging in on the platform provides the teachers with a personalized dashboard where they can manage and organize their presentations, monitor student progress and review responses to interactive questions presented by the students.

  • Real-time Student Engagement

Students can join Pear Deck sessions through the login process, which enables their responses to be tracked during online classes and presentations. This ensures active participation from the students and encourages them to interact with the material presented by the teacher.

  • Data and Insights

The login feature allows Pear Deck to save session data and responses securely, providing valuable insights for teachers to assess student understanding and identify areas for improvement.

Key Advantages of Using Pear Deck

Pear Deck allows teachers to make interactive presentations involving students in various ways. This works in greater compatibility among the students and the teacher. While keeping the interest of the students maintained, here are key advantages of using Pear Deck:

  • Using Pear Deck, teachers may receive immediate feedback on the comprehension and engagement of their students. 
  • Pear Deck allows the teacher to completely customize the session and presentations according to the need of the students. It allows the lectures to become more interesting and makes learning more personalised for them.
  • Pear Deck is accessible to students with various learning needs and preferences and of course, it can utilized on a range of devices.
  • Pear Deck offers data analytics that let teachers evaluate how their students respond to the presentation and spot areas needing work.
  • Both students and teachers can use the free storage options offered by Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive to keep their course files secure without having the need to download an dsave the file on their personal devices.
  • Integration with Google Sheets makes them useful because they make life simpler for both students and teachers.

How to Join Pear Deck using Joinpd .com?

Joining Pear Deck through an account is quite a simple process. Using the correct steps, the platform allows the students to participate actively in class activities. Here’s how to join Pear Deck as a student:

  • Wait for the Session ID

The teacher initiates a Pear Deck session and generates a unique Session ID also known as joinPD.com code. They may share this code through various methods, such as projecting it on a screen, emailing, messaging or sharing it verbally.

  • Visit JoinPD .com

After obtaining the code for the session, students are required to open a web browser on their devices (laptops, tablets or smartphones) and visit the website joinpd .com.

  • Enter the Session ID or Code

Once on the website, students will see a text box prompting them to enter the code. Students need to type in the ID provided by their teacher and click on the “Join” button.

  • Enter Name and Join

Upon entering the Session ID, students will be prompted to enter their name or a unique identifier (which can be useful if you have students with the same name; for example, having multiple Jamie Kloss logged in can get confusing). After entering their name, they can click on the “Join” button to enter the Pear Deck session.

  • Start Participating

Once joined, students will see the presentation and interact with the teacher’s questions and activities as they progress through the slides.

Steps to Join Pear Deck Using JoinPD .com Code

Using a joinPD .com code will makes it simple to join a Pear Deck session. On the website, the students are required to just enter the code provided by the teachers to access the Pear Deck presentation. Here are simple steps you can follow to join a session at joinPD .com:

  • Open your browser and visit the website
  • Once on the website, you will be required to provide your JoinPD.com code
  • If you are confused about teh code, you can look at the email or message sent by your instructor regarding the Pear deck session
  • You can also use the email to join the session by clicking the Join Link available inside the email
  • By clicking the link, Pear Deck session will be launched in your browser
  • Now, fill in the code to join the session
  • After you have joined the session, you will be able to view the lecture in the Student view

Pear Deck is a fantastic platform for both teachers and students which implement the techniques of modern education through online platform.

How to Log in as a Teacher on Pear Deck?

Teachers need to create an account and log in to Pear Deck to access its full range of features, including the ability to create and manage interactive presentations. Here’s how teachers can log in to Pear Deck:

  • Create a Pear Deck Account

If you don’t already have a Pear Deck account, you can create one by visiting the official Pear Deck website (peardeck.com) and signing up using your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account.

  • Visit joinpd.com

After creating an account as a teacher, go to joinPD .com. Either you are a teacher or a student, this website will serve as the login portal for Pear Deck.

  • Enter your Login Credentials

On the login page of the platform, teachers will be required to enter the email address and password associated with the Pear Deck account. Alternatively, if you don’t have a Pear Deck account, you can choose to log in with your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account details according to your preference.

  • Access the Teacher Dashboard

After you have successfully logged into your teacher account, you will be redirected to the Pear Deck teacher dashboard. On this page, you can create and manage interactive presentations, view session data, view student track record and customize your Pear Deck experience.

Steps to Log Into JoinPD .com As a Teacher

If you are trying to log into the Pear Deck platform as a teacher and access your dashboard, you can follow the steps below for a smooth login:

  • Open your browser and visit the Pear Deck website
  • Click on the Create account button
  • After creating an account on the website, log in with your details
  • This will take you to you teacher’s dashboard
  • Once logged in, select Create Presentation on the website
  • Customize the session by selecting Add-ons from the menu at the top of the page
  • Select the session that you want to edit and open it
  • You can find various presentation templates already available for the convenience of the teachers
  • You can select any of the templates according to your preference to make your presentation
  • Once the presentation has been made, select the Present With Pear Deck button
  • This will allow you to share the session or presentation with students with a simple code
  • You will be provided with a five-digit code
  • This joinPD .com code must be provided to the students or other users who wish to watch the presentation
  • You can share this code with the students and other users through email or messaging

Troubleshooting Login Issues

While the process of joining and logging in to Pear Deck using joinPD .com is generally straightforward, some users may encounter login issues. Here are some troubleshooting steps that can help you solve common login problems:

  • Check Session ID

Students should ensure that they have entered the correct Session ID provided by their teacher. A single typo can lead to login failure.

  • Verify Internet Connection

Both teachers and students must have a stable internet connection to access Pear Deck through joinpd.com. Unstable connections may result in login errors or disruptions during sessions.

  • Clear Browser Cache

If you experience login problems, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies before attempting to log in again.

  • Check Account Credentials

Teachers should double-check their login credentials to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

  • Contact Support

If all else fails, users can reach out to Pear Deck’s support team for assistance with login issues or any other technical difficulties.

Integrations and Compatibility of Pear Deck

To work brilliantly, Pear Deck has made its way among the giants of the internet. In today’s world of online integration, it is important for every online platform to become compatible with other famous services. Pear Deck is not left behind in this case.

  • Google Workspace Integration

Pear Deck seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), making it convenient for teachers and students who already use Google products for education to easily make the transition between the platforms.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration

In addition to Google Workspace, Pear Deck also offers integration with Microsoft Office 365, extending its compatibility to users within the Microsoft ecosystem and broadening its horizon.

  • Mobile Devices

When it comes to compatibility factor, Pear Deck is designed to work on various devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. This allows the students to participate in the Pear Deck sessions using their preferred device.


JoinPD .com provides a seamless gateway for students to join Pear Deck sessions and actively participate in interactive classroom activities. For teachers, logging in through joinPD .com unlocks a world of engaging possibilities, allowing them to create, manage, and analyze interactive presentations. 

By harnessing the power of Pear Deck, educators and teachers can create a more dynamic and enriching learning experience for their students. So, whether you are an educator looking to revolutionize your teaching or a student eager to engage with interactive lessons online, joinPD .com and Pear Deck have got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do students have to login for Pear Deck?

Students do not require to create an account on Pear Deck platform. However, to get access to the lectures and sessions shared by their teachers, it is important for them to connect to the platform using a five-digit unique JoinPD .com code for each session.

Q: How do I get a Pear Deck code?

If you are a student wanting access to a certain session, you need to get the code from your teacher. The teacher may share the code with the students via email or message.

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