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Juhi Rustagi Bio, Husband, Age, Birthday Date, Family, And More!

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Juhi Rustaagi is a young and talented girl who lives in New Delhi, India. She has a great personality and is loved by people. It is just a matter of time until she takes the stage and makes her mark.


In this paragraph, we discuss juhi rustagi husband, juhi rustagi age phenomenon. Juhi Rustagi is an Indian actress and model. She was born on July 10, 1998, in Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala. Her father is from Rajasthan and her mother is from a Malayali family.

She has a total height of five feet two inches and a weight of 55 Kg. Juhi Rustagi was brought up in a Hindu and Malayali family.

Juhi is a fitness freak. She loves to compete. When she was young, she participated in various dance competitions. Then, she enrolled herself in a fashion design course. After completing her education, she started acting. Currently, she is working in the Malayalam television industry.

In the year 2015, she made her acting debut with the TV series Uppum Mulakum. Since then, she has been seen in several other television shows. Recently, she has been signed up for the movie Soochi.

Juhi’s debut show on television has been well-received by the viewers. Her character Lachu has become popular. It was a sitcom that revolves around the lives of the members of a Malayali family.


In this paragraph, we discuss juhi rustagi husband, juhi rustagi age phenomenon. Juhi Rustagi is a young Indian television actress. She is a member of the Malayali and Baniya castes. She has appeared in various shows and series on the Flowers TV channel.

Juhi Rustagi started her acting career in 2015. Her first big role was in Uppum Mulakum, a Malayalam TV soap opera. It was this television show that made her overnight success.

Juhi was first spotted by director R. Unnikrishnan, the father of Anantha Krishnan, the other lead actor of the show. While she was filming the show, she did not feel awkward as Unnikrishnan guided her throughout the shooting. The show has become very popular among all age groups.

In addition to her acting, Juhi also loves dancing. During her school days, she participated in numerous dance competitions. And she won several awards in such programs.

She has appeared in many advertisements and stage shows. Now, she is studying commerce in higher secondary education. Some of her hobbies include watching movies, traveling, and sports.

Personal life

Juhi Rustagi is a young Indian actress. She is currently working in the Malayalam TV industry.

She made her debut in the acting industry at the age of seventeen. Her first acting role was in a television series named Uppum Mulakum. It was directed by R. Unnikrishnan and was a hit in Kerala and Malaysia.

In addition to acting, Juhi is also a fashion designer. She has done several modeling and dance competitions during her school days.

She has been receiving many offers for stage performances. However, she prefers to focus on her work in the entertainment industry. As of now, she has a boyfriend, Dr. Rovin George. Their relationship was spotted in the media.

Recently, she was involved in a traffic accident. In the incident, she was riding a two-wheeler. Her brother was also in the car. He suffered major injuries. Despite the accidents, Juhi was able to save her brother. Sadly, her mother passed away.


Juhi Rustagi is a young actress from India who rose to fame after her appearance in Uppum Mulakum. She is known for her role as Lechu in this comedy soap opera. In fact, she is also an Indian classical dancer. This Malayalam television star has been making her mark in the Malayalam industry and has received offers for stage performances.

The daughter of the Late Raghuvir Saran and Bhagyalakshmi, she was raised in Kerala by her mother. Her father is a native of Rajasthan. During her school years, she took part in numerous dance competitions. But it was not until she reached junior college that she was offered a job in the Uppum Mulakum Flowers TV channel.

Juhi Rustagi loves sports and aspires to become an airport manager. Though she is a professional in the field of TV, she does not speak Malayalam at home. However, she says that she would love to learn more about the language.

If you have been wondering about the famous actress Juhi Rustaagi, then you must know that she is single and has a boyfriend. 

Juhi has a slim trim girl body type. Her height is 5.2 feet, and she weighs around 55 Kg. Besides her acting career, she is a dog lover.

Before she began working in the Malayalam industry, Juhi had a professional dancing career. As she was a child artist, she received offers to perform in stage shows. After finishing school, she opted to study in the open school system to complete her higher secondary education.

Although she was not a natural actress, Juhi was discovered and encouraged to pursue a career in acting by director R. Unnikrishnan. He acted as her guide and never made her feel awkward.

When she was just 17 years old, Juhi began her acting career. Her first appearance was in the series Uppum Mulakum.

She has a huge following in the Malayalam audience. In fact, her popularity reached a new high after she had a leg fracture. Fans sent her messages of support. They believed her and she felt immense love from them.

Juhi recently confirmed that she will be leaving the show Uppum Mulakum. It is believed that her boyfriend is Dr. Rovin George, a doctor, and actor.

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