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Why You need to Assess Keyword Gap Analysis for a Successful SEO?

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Having the right keyword strategy is most important for driving traffic to your website. It is important for you to discover the right terms and phrases for your keyword strategy. It’s no secret that the right choice for search phrases by your customers determines your online success.

If you’re not choosing the right terms for optimizing the product pages and carrying out target analysis, you’ll end up losing greatly. You can comprehend easily that it is useless to use terms in your SEO Services campaign that users are not using for finding services and products you offer.

While initially, you may want to use and optimize guided by your natural thought process or common sense, but it is important to use the keyword analysis tools as well. 

What are the ways of discovering and determining the keywords you want to use in the articles you want to submit? It will help to create unique website content and also have an improved SEO.

What is Keyword Gap Analysis?

Keyword gap analysis is all about identifying the appropriate keywords which send the traffic to your competitor’s websites. When you discover the gaps in your keywords strategy, it will help you to understand how to tap the most valuable keyword opportunities on use for your website. 

Keyword gap analysis helps you to identify and find the right list of keywords your competitors are using but you are missing out. 

Why You Must Do a Keyword Gap Analysis?

The most important benefit of keyword gap analysis is that it helps you to understand the gaps in your content, especially in comparison to your competitors.

You may have overlooked several content opportunities before this. But, evaluating your competitors will help you to find and enlist the right keyword phrases and terms which you’re targeting. 

Moreover, you need to find and leverage the various techniques they are using to achieve the desired outcomes. Utilizing your keyword list will help you to make a comprehensive analysis for a better evaluation of key terms to obtain the best results online. You will be able to find out which are the best keywords to rank for and which are not.

As per SEO India experts, overall, a keyword analysis will help you to: 

  • Find the best keyword opportunities.
  • Determine the questions that your audience and users are looking for.
  • Spot the valuable, high-volume, and high-density keywords.

More Reasons to Use Keyword Gap Analysis

Reasons to Use Keyword Gap Analysis

If you need more reasons for evaluating keyword gap analysis, here are those.

Aids in User-influenced Content-generation: Always think about your target audience while finding the right target keywords. The keywords you use must be related to their concerns and the issues bogging their mind.

The keywords you choose must focus on issues and meaningful events related to your business. As you explore what your users are looking for, you can explore the new keywords and gaps you want to target. 

Choosing the right keywords for an e-commerce site is based on several factors

  • Highlighting popular products and services with the right keywords strategy: The keywords in your list need to be related to your niche. The keywords should be related to your offers and how you want to relate to the features and services.
  • Utilizing long-tail keywords: These keywords comprise 3- to 4-word long phrases which are related to the product, location, services, and brand. The long-tail keywords help you to rank for multi-word phrases and also for certain single-word and double-word terms.

More Tips for Better Content Strategy Utilizing Keyword Gap Analysis

  • Explore the internet to know about users’ questions

When you find out are the queries in the minds of your users, it will help you to find out what is relevant for your industry. Moreover, it will help you to find the keywords for creating effective and useful content. Make sure you also check the keywords that your competitors are mostly using for your content. 

  • Competitive keyword research

With competitive keyword research, you can identify the keywords which you can use to tap the gaps. You must tap the way the competitors are carrying out the research.

Check the important parameters related to your competitors’ sites. For example, some of the competitors’ websites have high domain authority. 

Analyze the keywords of competitors that have higher domain authority than the site. It is quite likely they have already conducted searches for their keyword search. Note the terms they are ranking for and start working on them.

Also, you need to include negative keywords, brand and non-brand keywords in your SEO strategy for targeting new customers, those at the initial stage of brand awareness and returning customers, those who want to buy more of your products.

Criteria to find competitive keywords

Go for certain questions such as:

  • Determine what your competitors are targeting which you’re not.
  • What are the things you’re targeting but not your competitors
  • In what way the competitors are targeting different from your brand.
  • Analyze the kind of content they’re producing for targeting the keywords.
  • What are the keywords they’re targeting?

Keyword category

In keywords analysis, here’s a step-by-step approach to follow.

  • Enlist your competitors.
  • Find out the common keywords you and your competitors must rank for.
  • Spot the keywords in the list not pointing to a specific category.
  • Now, think about whether they can serve you as the main target or the ones which you must ignore.

How exactly does keyword gap analysis help?

Firstly, you can determine the exact keywords which you can use for ranking in the current scenario and you can also use them to compare them with your keyword rankings.

Check and analyze the competitor’s landing pages to get an insight into their keywords and content marketing strategy.

Also, determine how your competitors’ site is different. And improvise your strategy accordingly. Identify the other potential and new organic competitors who can compete for your ranking.

Keyword gap analysis helps you with:

  • Actionable insights.
  • Formulating new strategies.

Finding the Best Keywords for your Customized Campaign

1. Choose your competitors: The ones that are ranking above you. Or if you already know your competitor, choose one particular and start analyzing their website.

2. Identify Target Keywords: Find and enlist the keywords your chosen site is targeting. Inspect the site elements such as: 

  • Alt tag text
  • Anchor text of internal links
  • Headers
  • Images (filenames and metadata)
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page content
  • Page titles
  • Open graph and other social meta tags
  • Structured data fields
  • Videos (metadata and filename)

Getting Your Keywords List

Finally, you will have:

  • Keywords seed list. 
  • Groups of keywords.
  • Patterns of content you can use.

And comprehensive new prospects of thought. 


With competitor analysis, you’ll be able to create a keywords list that you can use to design your campaign. It provides for enterprise-ready, flexible, and fast solutions to design new and more productive SEO campaigns. 

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