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What is the difficulty level/standard of question papers prepared by IITs for GATE exams?

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Every aspiring candidate eager to enter the field of core engineering and work for some of the prestigious organizations prepares for the GATE entrance exam.

IIT Kharagpur is the one that arranges for this examination so that the deserving candidates can get a bagful of unlimited opportunities.

Just like every year, IIT Kharagpur released the exam pattern for GATE 2022. The examination pattern is still the same. No major changes have been made in the examination pattern for the students.

However, the exam pattern for architecture and planning has been changed. Moreover, two new papers have been included, naval architecture and marine engineering and geomatics engineering. This year also, the examination will be held online. The difficulty level of the question depends completely on the cut off marks.

Candidates will get 65 questions, which will have multiple choice questions, numerical answer type questions, and multiple select questions.

For every correct answer, candidates will get 1-2 marks. The schedule will contain two segments general inclination, which contains 15 imprints, and the center subject contains 85 imprints.

Paper wise exam pattern

It is important to understand that the GATE Syllabus & exam pattern is different for each paper. Based on the marks distribution.

The general aptitude is one of the common sections in every GATE paper. This section consists of 15% of the total marks. Almost every questions are based on numerical, quantitative, and verbal abilities. 

You will get 10 questions, and 5 questions that carried 1 mark, and the 5 questions will carry 2 marks. The papers with the codes AE, AG, BM, BT, CT, CE, CS, EC, ES, EE, and XE, about 15% marks weightage is provided for the general aptitude section. Similarly, 13% is given to the engineering mathematics, and leftover 72% is given to the subject papers.

Papers with codes AR, CY, GG, PH, MA, ST, XL, and XH carry 15% of the total marks from the general aptitude section. The remaining 85% of the marks are left for the subject paper.

There are other three sections in the question paper for the paper codes AE, BM, CE, CS, EC, ES, MN, PI, TF, ST, and others.

Sections Marks Weightage
General Aptitude 15%
Engineering mathematics 13%
Core Discipline 72%


Apart from the 10 questions from the general aptitude sections, you will get 55 questions from core discipline and engineering mathematics.

All the 25 questions carry one mark each, whereas 30 questions carry 2 marks each. The GATE papers with the code CY, EY, MA, and PH have two sections- General Aptitude and Core Discipline. 

Sections Number of questions Marks weightage
General Aptitude 15 15%
Core Discipline 55 85%


The detailed marking scheme for the GATE AR, EY, MA, and PH papers have been mentioned below.

Subjects Number of Questions Marks per questions Total marks
AR, CY, MA, PH, EY 25 1 25
30 2 60
55 85


Exam Pattern for the Architecture and Planning (AR)

GATE exam pattern for the architecture and planning paper is revised every year. According to the modified example, you will get three segments of the paper-GA (general inclination), Part An and B.

The Part A of the paper is considered as the mandatory section for every candidate, whereas the Part B is subdivided into sections B1 (architecture) and B2 (Planning). You have to select any one section at the time of exam. However, for better GATE exam preparation, you can refer to the expert guidance at BYJU’s Exam Prep.

Exam pattern for Geomatics Engineering (GE)

GE or Geomatics Engineering is mainly a new paper in GATE 2022. As per the exam pattern for geomatics engineering, the paper contains three sections- GA, Part A, and Part B.

Sections Number of Questions Marks per question Total marks
GA 10 5×1+ 5×2 15
Part A (mandatory) 36 17×1+ 19×2 55
Part B section I or II 16 8×1+ 11×2 30
Total 55 1000


Therefore, you should know a few things about the difficulty level of the questions papers set by the IIT Kharagpur for GATE.

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