Linus Sebastian Net Worth 2021 – How Much He Earn From Youtube?

Linus Sebastian Net Worth

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a famous YouTuber from Canada and the founder of Linus Media Group. In 2015, he ranked fourth in the list of the 30 best tech figures.

In March of this year, it ranked seventh among the channels related to display technology on YouTube. In terms of Google advertising, their popular channels are also among the best.

Early life, personal life, and biography: 

The YouTuber was born on August 20, 1986, in Radner, British Columbia. He has three brothers. He attended Garibaldi High School and graduated from the University of British Columbia.

He is very interested in the technological world, which helps him pursue his dreams and achieve success. Linus has a wife, a son and two daughters.


Before joining YouTube, he has worked as a manager for the Canadian online computer store NCIX. After that, he organized a technology channel for the company to showcase its products.

To no avail, he opened Linus Tech’s skills for NCIX. He has also served as a full-time sales representative and project manager.

Car and Property Collection:

Linus Sebastian currently lives in a cozy home in British Columbia, Canada. Born here. When it comes to car collection, Linus drives the 2003 Honda Civic manual transmission. On average, this car can travel 200,000 miles.

Linus Sebastian net worth and Income:

Linus Sebastian’s net worth is estimated at approximately US $35 million. He has gained a lot due to his technical expertise, making him one of the richest speakers in the field.

His Linus Media Group and YouTube channel have also benefited from his growing wealth. He worked hard to realize his dream and we are so happy that he achieved it.

There is no reason to believe that your reputation and wealth will diminish anytime soon. Linus Sebastian’s wealth comes from multiple sources.

This article will include a short discussion on Linus Sebastian net worth. Before that, take a look at the yearly to hourly income of Linus.

  • Yearly income: $579 million
  • Monthly income: $482,000
  • Weekly income: $111,314
  • Daily income: $15,858
  • Hourly income: $660

Linus Sebastian’s sources of income in USD: 

As mentioned above, Linus has multiple sources of income. Most of his wealth comes primarily from his service production agency, Linus Media Group. However, Linus Sebastian’s net worth’ssources can be summarized as follows:

  • YouTube AdSense
  • Sponsored project
  • Income from Floatplane
  • Affiliate marketing products

How much does Linus Sebastian earn from YouTube? 

YouTube AdSense has always been an important part of Linus Sebastian’s net worth. He has four YouTube channels. These channels are based on technology. Linus’ YouTube channels are

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT)
  • Techquickie
  • TechLinked
  • ShortCircuit Linus

He makes a lot of money through his Linus Tech Tips (LTT) YouTube channel. The channel has been rated as the most viewed YouTube channel.

The following are Linus Sebastian’s YouTube channel and the number of video views it has received-the total number of views of

  • Linus’ Sebastian YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips (LTT): 4,861,633,850
  • Techquickie: 616,178,200
  • TechLinked: 263,947,189
  • ShortCircuit: 158,240,706

Additional subscribers have accumulated Linus Tips 13.6 million. Even though it’s too far from the PewDiePie YouTube channel with the most subscribers, it’s still great to have a total of millions in revenue. So, are you thinking “what would be the Linus tech tips’ net worth?

Linus Tech Tips net worth:

Linus launched his channel Linus tech tips in 2008, which is the most popular among his 4 channels. The channel has been rated as the most viewed YouTube channel. Since 2008, it has won 13.6 million YouTube subscribers and more than 4 billion views.

According to Social Blade, Linus Tech Tips’ net worth per year is $3.4 million. Let’s take a look at the statistics of Linus Tech Tips.

  • Social Blade Rank: 2,435th
  • Subscriber Rank: 524th
  • Social Blade Country Rank (Canada): 11th
  • Category Rank (Tech): 10th

It is estimated that Linus Tech Tips net worth is -$3.4 million per year, $279,200 per month, $65,200 per week, $9.3 million per day. Earn for each Linus technical tips content! Over 2 million visits every day! Earn $3 per thousand visits.

Therefore, Linus Sebastian made a lot of money through his YouTube channel. In addition to his three YouTube channels, Linus Tech Tips also earns a lot of income from YouTube. Linus Sebastian receives approximately 26% of total revenue from YouTube AdSense.

Linus Sebastian YouTube channel comparison: 

Linus Sebastian currently has four YouTube channels. Among them, Linus Tech Tips is one of the most collected. The Linus Tech Tips’ net worth isUS$3.4 million. From the above data table, we can conclude that most of YouTube’s revenue comes from Linus Tech Tips.