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How Machine Learning Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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In the recent past, the idea of Artificial intelligence seemed so far away to almost be science fiction. Now though, you AI in the palm of your hand.

It’s useful for all kinds of things, and that includes marketing. There are plenty of businesses using machine learning to improve their digital marketing strategy, and you can too. Here’s how.

What Is Machine Learning? 

Before getting into marketing, we need to understand what machine learning is. It’s a vital component of most AI systems, and what makes them so effective.

The AI is fed data, either through a human specifically feeding them data, or the AI receiving unsorted information. The more information it has, the more it can classify and use to solve certain problems.

How Machine Learning Is Used In Online Marketing?

So how does this work in online marketing? Annette Jones, a tech blogger at Research Paper Writing Services, says: ‘Typically, marketers will use machine learning to understand behavior patterns on their website. With it, they can see what their customers do, and use the data to improve their offerings.’

The machine learning AI will pick up on behavioral patterns, and use that to create solutions to fit the customers’ needs. As a small example, consider how a user may close a pop up on a site.

They may click the ‘x’, click the ‘no thanks’ button, or click outside the window. The AI will collect that data, and show you how often each method gets used.

Why Machine Learning Is Effective?

Machine Learning Is Effective

Why is it that markets are now turning to machine marketing to improve their strategy? The biggest advantage of it is that you can adapt to change quickly, and make key decisions based on lots of data quickly.

This allows you to respond faster to changes in the market. The faster you can react, the better your marketing strategy can be. As the market can change so rapidly in this day and age, you’re up against a lot more than you were even 10 years ago. With that data, you can see where the market is going, and follow it accordingly.

Putting Machine Learning To Use In Your Digital Strategy 

If you feel that your digital strategy could use tweaking, then using machine learning is an excellent way of doing that. There are all kinds of ways you can improve it and make it better. Try any of the following strategies on your site:

Predictive targeting: Typically, you’ll be able to use segment targeting and trigger targeting, to aim, ads to the right set of users.

With machine learning, you can also use predictive targeting. This shows ads to users, depending on how likely they are to make a purchase.

Recommendation systems: A good recommendation system is one that will show the user goods that they may be interested in at the moment.

A good example of this is the Netflix recommendation system. It takes the shows you’ve previously watched on the platform, and pushes the shows that are similar to them to the user.

Churn rate forecasting: As you know, ‘churn’ is the amount of customers that have left the company, and the churn itself is expressed in monetary terms as lost revenue.

Machine learning can help you predict what your churn rate will be, as it can predict whether a customer will abandon an online store before they actually do.

With that, it can push emails with deals to customers likely to leave, or create more targeted ads.

Lifetime value forecasting: In a similar way, machine learning can be used to predict lifetime value. Using data already collected, it can predict the total profit from a customer before they buy.

In a similar way, ads and emails can be pushed to customers that have a higher LTV to ensure you get the most from them.

Creating relevant content: Machine learning gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience on a deeper level.

When you use it in your marketing, you’ll be able to create content that you know they’ll be looking for. It can then push that content to the correct markets, ensuring that you can get eyes on it.

Search and display campaigns: These campaigns are where you identify the metrics that will lead to desired customer behavior.

Use machine learning to identify the characteristics of customers that display that desired behavior, and then use the information to create more targeted advertising campaigns.

Optimizing email campaigns: Machine learning can use data to understand the best time to send specific emails.

If you want to send an email campaign and get the best click through rate on it, machine learning data will be able to pinpoint when you should send it out.

These are just a few ways that machine learning can be used in digital marketing. You can use it to get an even better idea of who your audience is, and laser target your content towards them.

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