Why is your monitor losing signal while gaming? – A Fixing Guide

monitor losing signal while gaming

If so, I can understand your frustration. In my years as a game player, this has happened to me dozens of times, even though I have always had a pretty good gaming monitor.

Just a few seconds can have a big impact on how your game unfolds, especially if you are participating in a tournament where every second is important, which can be very annoying.

Reasons behind monitor losing signal:

After extensive research on this topic and some personal experience, please continue reading as shown below, I will take you to understand several different reasons why Is your monitor losing signal while gaming?

I will also help you troubleshoot the different possibilities of signal loss, find the root cause of the problem, and give some solutions to help you solve the cause of the monitor losing signal while video games in just a few minutes.

Before we get into the details, here is a brief overview of why your monitor randomly loses signal:

  • Your driver problem
  • Your graphics card problem
  • Defective Cable

The solution to the loss of monitor signal while gaming: 

You are here, destroy the aliens, dominate the opponent, your heart beats in your chest, and suddenly, your screen turns black! Then you will see the terrible “No Signal” words on the screen.

what happened? You look at your other equipment and find they are all working; this is not a power outage. Now, you are in a cold sweat, checking the 0x0 windows errors start your computer, and find that your monitor has regained its vitality.

There are several common reasons why the monitor randomly loses signal during the game. Let’s take a look now, starting with the easiest solution.

Check the cable:

The most common and easiest cause of monitor signal problems is the cable.

  • Check the contact points to ensure a stable connection and visually check the plug for bent pins. Although severely bent pins can cause the monitor losing signal while gaming, slightly bent pins can cause intermittent faults.
  • Be sure to also check the cable for kinks or signs of wear, indicating that the monitor cable needs to be replaced.
  • If your machine is a laptop, the monitor cable may still be frayed or loose, although this possibility is much less. Additionally, these repairs generally must be performed by qualified technicians.

Pay attention to the heat when competing:

Heat is one of the main killers of electronic devices. Few things can generate as much heat as fierce games.

  • In general, it is advisable to monitor the temperature of key components, such as the CPU and GPU, to ensure that they do not get too hot during playback.
  • Generally, an overheated GPU will cause the screen to suddenly fade. The solution can be as simple as cleaning the GPU fan and ensuring adequate ventilation, or it can be as drastic as replacing the entire graphics card.
  • Although you can only determine which solution is needed by carefully checking your GPU, checking the temperature is easy. If you are using Windows 10 build 18963 or higher, you can monitor the CPU and graphic card temperature directly from the task manager.
  • Although some temperature increases during the game are typical and expected, sustained high temperatures can damage components over time. Make sure that your computer has adequate air circulation and ventilation, and that there are no blocked inlets or outlets.

Update Driver:

If you checked the cable and temperature and both look good, the problem may be related to the software. The next step is to check with your graphics card manufacturer (usually Intel, NVidia, or AMD) to see if a driver update is available.

  • Another area that may be responsible is the BIOS. Although it is usually not so common, if the BIOS firmware has a specific defect, it may cause display problems in some cases and cause the monitor losing signal while gaming. Be careful when updating the BIOS. Make sure to install only BIOS updates from the motherboard manufacturer and these files are compatible with your system. Incorrect BIOS installation can prevent your computer from booting, and in some cases may not be able to recover.

Win the war with the monitor losing signal while gaming:

As you can see, troubleshooting the loss of the monitor signal during the game is a simple process. Once up and running, please visit this website for more amazing gaming fun, trustworthy reviews, and a chance to win real money.