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Mr Faisu Net Worth: Bio, Family, Income and More!

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Mr Faisu is basically an Indian-based TikTok star, social media influencer, actor, as well as model who is well-recognized all over India for his remarkable acting skills. That being stated, you might have gathered that Mr Faisu gains a lot of publicity with the help of his TikTok account. However, he also works actively in the modeling and acting sector. At the present moment, Mr Faisu is recognized as one of the best TikTok stars in India.  

We are well conscious of the actuality that there are a lot of questions about Mr Faisu net worth on the internet at the present moment. While answering this question for you, we must inform you that Mr Faisu net worth is around $2 million USD as of 2022. If you feel like learning more about the Mr Faisu net worth in this detailed as well as precisely-composed writing, feel free to proceed further with us as we move forward! 

What Do We Know About the Mr Faisu Instagram?: Introduction to the Life of Mr Faisu 

As you might have already gathered, Mr Faisu is one of the few well-recognized TikTok stars of India at the present moment. He has set his name firm with the use of his remarkable acting as well as modeling abilities. Mr Faisu gave initiation to his well-known career when he got banned from using TikTok back in 2020. At that time, he decided to create a YouTube channel for himself on the 10th of May, 2020.  

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In a very limited period of time, Mr Faisu successfully gathered 1.3 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel. That being stated, it should be evident that Mr Faisu has an immense fan base, not only in India but in diverse regions of the world at the present moment of his professional life. Whatsoever, the main reason why Mr Faisu is so famous at the present moment is because of his engaging videos on TikTok, which gave rise to his professional life and career.  

As far as details about the Mr Faisu Instagram are involved, one should carefully comprehend the actuality that Mr Faisu possesses around 26 million followers on his official Instagram account at the present moment. By this statement, we can surely depict the popularity of this gentleman. Whatsoever, we aim to discuss various other aspects about him as well in this detailed article apart from the Mr Faisu net worth.  

All Crucial Details About the Mr Faisu Net Worth 

In accordance with a significant number of credible sources on the internet, Mr Faisu net worth is expected to be somewhere around $2 million USD. If we convert this amount into Indian currency, it equals to 14 crores approximately. Considering the immense fame and popularity that Mr Faisu has at the current moment, we can surely predict that he might be on the list of the highest-paid young actors in the Bollywood industry in the coming years. Don’t you agree with us on this? 

While talking about Mr Faisu net worth, we should indeed mention the fact that the monthly income of Mr Faisu is somewhere around ten lacs at the present moment of his career and professional life. Although Mr Faisu makes the best use of a significant number of methods in order to generate money, the primary source of income for him is paid promotions on various social media platforms. According to our credible sources, Mr Faisu charges around six lacs from every brand for their promotions on a monthly basis.  

As far as the topic of the Mr Faisu net worth is under discussion, one must also be aware of the actuality that the net worth of Mr Faisu has nearly doubled over the last few years. This is primarily because of his utmost dedication and hard work with respect to his career and professional life. At the current moment of his life, Mr Faisu net earns more than one crore each month. It would also be best if one comprehended the actuality that Mr Faisu has appeared in a significant number of music videos as well over the years, which means that he might have earned a significant amount of money this way as well.  

Getting to Know About the Personal Life of Mr Faisu: What is the Mr Faisu Age? 

In this section of this detailed writing, we intend to tell you about the Mr Faisu age. That being stated, we must enlighten you with the actuality that Mr Faisu was born in the Mumbai region of India on the 7th of October, 1994. With reference to this statement, the Mr Faisu age should be around 27 years at the present moment.  

mr faisu instagram

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Although he is commonly recognized as Mr Faisu, the real name of Mr Faisu is Shaikh Mudassir Faisal. As far as his educational background is talked about, you should comprehend that Mr Faisu completed his high school education at IES English Primary School located in the Bandra region of India. After that, Mr Faisu decided to get enrolled in Rizvi College of Commerce, Science, and Arts, from where he graduated. Mr Faisu is also a crucial part of the famous group team number 07.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is Mr Faisu dating at the Present Moment? 

Mr Faisu is dating Jannat Zubair at the present moment.  

What is Mr Faisu Net Worth? 

The net worth of Mr Faisu is around $2 million USD. He earns more than one crore every year.  


We expect you to have figured out all the crucial details regarding the Mr Faisu net worth till now. It has been reported that Mr Faisu earns around ten lacs every month and more than one crore at the end of each year. Moreover, the fan base of Mr Faisu on numerous social media platforms is indeed spectacular! 

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