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Party decoration tips for the ultimate party feeling

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Need party decoration tips? Because the ultimate party feeling is created with sparkling party decorations at your party. Whether you’re having a themed party or just a casual party without giving it a name, party decorations create fun and atmosphere. In this blog, we give you tips for decorating your party.

Party decoration (theme)

If you are throwing a theme party, it is of course obvious that you buy decorations that match the theme. You can’t think of anything and there are matching party decorations (Dutch: feestversiering) for the theme for sale.

Take a 21 dinner party, wedding party, surprise party, sweet 16, 50th birthday party or a Halloween party. You can buy everything in these themes, such as party napkins, garlands, props, hats, balloons (Dutch:ballonnen), medals, tablecloths, shirts, hats, cakes (decoration), etc.

Cake at your party

A cake in the theme of your party quickly steals the show if you set it up on a decorated table that is in plain sight. This decorated table is of course also decorated with cheerful and beautiful decorations.

Atmosphere decoration

No theme at your party but you want to create a lot of atmosphere at your party? Of course you can. First, make sure you have the right lighting for when it is an evening party. You do this by means of torches, light strings, lanterns, candles, disco lights, hue lights or for example a campfire or fire basket. The last two options of course include marshmallows that you can melt in the fire.

Decoration at your party

As you read, decoration can make your party a lot cozier. What other decorations can you think of:

  • Flowers: Place small vases with flowers on the tables. These can be all kinds of flowers to taste. Small vases of flowers have the advantage that it does not come across as ‘bitchy’ as large bunches of flowers.
  • Rugs: Place rugs on the ground outside and/or inside. Borrow these from your acquaintances or buy them affordably at cheaper stores.
  • Furniture: Make sure the standing tables and furniture match in style. You can hire the matching furniture but you can also make sure the furniture matches each other by recurring the same colors. For example, if you choose gold tablecloths at your Black and Gold party? Then put black blankets and/or pillows on the chairs or benches.
  • Garlands: Hang garlands of shiny materials. Especially with your matching mood light, shiny garlands look warm and cozy.
  • Candles: Place candles everywhere. Candles provide light and create a cozy feeling.
  • Theme boxes: For children’s parties, you can go all out with decorations. In addition to all the decorations mentioned above, there are crazy theme boxes for rent with clothing and props for all the kids who are invited. How fun is it if the theme of the party is “pirates” and you have lots of little pirates running around at your son or daughter’s party?

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