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Top 25 High PR Free PDF Submission Sites List 2021

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PDF submission Sites is one of the best practicing of OFF Pages SEO. And a simple method to boost organic traffic. In this article, I will let you know about What is PDF submission and How to submit it?. Further, a top collection of high PR pdf submission site list.

What is PDF Submission Sites and Its Benefits?

PDF Submission is the process of sharing a PDF file on a high rated websites that allows us to showcase our PDF file to their readers.

Benefits of PDF Submission

1. Boost Ranking & Divert a Huge Traffic

PDF Submission sites have thousands of monthly traffic and a high authority which ultimately helps you in boosting your ranking plus in diverting traffic to your website.

It is the right solution for those who are suffering from problems of not getting traffic on their website after implementing too many techniques.

2. Provide a Quality Backlink

Through the free pdf submission sites, you are able to get free backlinks that ensure more visibility on all search engines.

All websites that are ranked on Google is due to a number of quality inbound backlinks that it get. For more clarity, how important backlinks are? Check an article by Backlinko “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors“.

So try to increase the backlinks for your website as much as you can.

3. Make Stronger Authority

PDF submission SEO list improves your DA, PA, and Alexa ranking of the website. It makes stronger the authority of the domain which eventually faster the indexing process of the site.

Free PDF Submission Sites List

PDF Submission websites also support a DOC and PPT files. If you have content in these formats no issue you can use this free list of PDF submission to share your content.

S.NOPDF Submission Site ListDAPA

I am sharing this list by doing research and built a list of pdf submissions with a low spam score. This is because a spammy backlinks instead of ranking your site it will damage your ranking and put a bad impression on the Search engine. 

How to Create a Proper PDF File & Submit it

  • First, write a quality and informative content that forces the reader to read your content.
  • Title is the first impression of your PDF File, so make sure to make a catchy title that attracts user attention.
  • Add keywords in the content for which you are ranking for.
  • To make your PDF file easier to read, add relevant images.
  • Tags increase the search visibility & add tags as much as you can.
  • Go on a PDF submission site and sign up/register with your email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • After signing up You are ready to go for sharing your PDF File.

What to Do Next?

After submitting your site on high pr pdf submission sites, use the other resources of link building.

Final Words

PDF Submission in terms of SEO plays a vital role for us as I discuss the factors above. Our main concern is traffic for this we have to use multiple methods and techniques to boost our ranking and get potential customers for the business. Here, on Blogjunta you will get different sources to get traffic to your website. Visit the Link building category to view all the similar content.

Now free pdf submission sites become a valuable source that work as a fuel of OFF-page SEO as well as drive a handsome traffic towards the site. Make sure to share your PDF, DOC, and PPT file on all of the above sites that I share with you.

Good Luck????

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