What is the Difference Between a PgMP and PMP Certification?

PgMP and PMP Certification

Certifications offered by PMI (denotes Program Management Institute) are globally recognized and appreciated. Those certifications are a must-have certification for aspirants.

PgMP and PMP are often a subject of debate. Candidates ponder which one is worth taking. Before getting into it, let’s start with the basics, understand PMP and PgMP, and learn their differences.


The Program Management Professional abbreviated to PgMP certification offered by the PMI is considered one of the best program management certifications. Program Management Professional (PgMP) certificate possesses the minds of higher officials in the project sectors.

They can become certified PgMP certified candidates to level up in the management field as PgMP credentials holders are provided with best test development practices. Certified PgMP holders are highly regarded for their management skills.


The Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the outstanding credentials. But it follows an older approach, whereas PgMP is a newer concept. It incorporates predictive, agile, and hybrid techniques for project management and scheduling.

It is designed by professional developers and trainers to provide the candidates with the best education and knowledge. It validates that its candidates have the leadership skills to lead a project team management.

PgMP and PMP

Program Management (PgMP) and Project Management (PMP) are two different aspects and certainly do not complement each other. But with the newer trends, one must also upgrade themselves.

Experts believe that certified PgMP holders and candidates have more scope and applications in the future with increasing demand. It is said that certifications offered by PMI hold more value.

It has more content and prospects in the future than others. PMP credential is a dynamic certification being held back by Certifications provided by PMI. The demand for Program Management Professionals is growing day by day. So having a PgMP certificate is certainly worth taking.

PgMP certification training and exam

The Program Management Professional Certification (PgMP) validates the candidates to manage multiple projects, resulting in more benefits for the organization.

The training and coaching offered by this credential are valued and essential. Let’s have an eye at the formation of the PgMP certification.

The Program Management Professional (PgMP) exam follows a multiple-choice based questions format. The exam is concerned with certain specialized knowledge areas. The exam structure comprises different sections dealing with varied ideas.

Strategic Program Management holds 15 percent weightage, whereas the program life cycle with its different contexts such as initiating, planning, controlling, and execution holds around 44 percent weightage.

Stakeholder Management has 16 percent, and Governance holds 14 percent weightage. Benefits Management carries the least weightage in the paper comprising approximately 11 percent.

The candidates are provided four hours to complete the multiple-choice based questions.

Benefits of PgMP certification

Trustworthy certifications, for example, this one will help you to stand apart among different competitors from other management certificates or train out there. Certified PMI-PgMP candidates are skilled and specialized in all the necessary areas and topics of program management.

Employers recruit potential candidates who are skilled and qualified to do their jobs. So a certification will validate your skill and qualifications. Certified PMI-PgMP candidates specializing in every necessary program management topic will have a higher chance of hiring employers.

Moreover, these Certifications are trusted by thousands of candidates and can vouch for their excellent training and experience.

Prerequisites of PgMP certification

The first one requires the candidates to attain any Secondary degree. Other than second-degree, people should deliver 48 hours of their time schedule for the training. Prerequisites become beautiful if the vital aspects become efficient and effective.

The reliability factor assists in the authentication of various projects. These schedule schemes have been propelling people into work regarding several original sectors or realms.

The second one requires the candidates to have a four-year degree. Along with the four-year degree, the person should possess vital hours of training and course period.

It will prove their worth and working schedule that will assist in finding the work index. The enormous value a candidate can earn is the tag itself.


With all the career prospects and associated benefits, PgMP is worth taking. The training and coaching need much time and effort. The PgMP credential has proved its worth within no time from its launch. Thus, it can never become an avoidable part.

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