Planning an Event and Selecting a Venue

Planning an Event

When it comes to planning an event, you will have a lot of things to prepare and plan. Leaving everything until the last minute is not going to be beneficial for you. So, when it comes to getting ahead and sorting out a venue, what must you consider? 

The Size and Capacity

To begin with, you need to think about how big a venue needs to be. How many people are going to be attending your event? Are you looking at a venue that will have room for standing guests only? Or are you looking for something that has a mix-and-match element between seating and standing?

What is important for your event, and what capacity do you need? If your venue does not hold enough people, then you may struggle to make the event as successful as you want it to be.

The Style of Venue

Each venue will have its own style and its own quirks. For example, you may find that some venues are super modern and chic, while others may be old-fashioned and decorated in heavy colors. A location such as The Venue at Friendship Springs may be in keeping with what you want as it is non-offensive and neutral. Of course, the style of a venue may not be of major importance to you, but then again, it may be a deal-breaker.

If you have a vision of how an event will look, but you find out that the decor is clashing, then it will be a no-go. So, before you start planning any more of your venue, start looking at the style and decor of venues and make sure they align with your vision.

Popularity and Reputation 

No matter what you factor into your decision-making process, one thing you will not be able to forget easily is the venue’s popularity and reputation.

If a venue is somewhere that is unpopular to visit (or perhaps it has a poor reputation), you will find that attendees and guests will be canceled at a moment’s notice. Checking out reputation and popularity is easy to do; just head along to the well-known review and recommendations websites. Here you can see clearly and at a glance just which venues should be on your shortlist and which ones should not.

Cost and Location

Prices of venues can vary greatly, and this can be dependent on the location of a venue. If a venue is centrally located with good parking and great access links, then be prepared to pay more. Alternatively, if it is out in the middle of nowhere, expect to pay next to nothing, but also expect attendee figures to be on the low side.

When you are looking at the cost of a venue, think about how much you will get in return. How much can you afford to spend per head (on each guest), and does this location offer and represent good value for money? If it is high in costs and the outlay is huge, you will find that you are more stressed about losing or making money – as opposed to having a good time and enjoy long the event as much as you deserve, to.