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The price associated with surrogacy and its different procedures-Surrogate mother cost

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Surrogacy has been in debates for quite some time. Surrogacy has helped many people become parents. The Feskov fertility center helps many people become parents of biological children. Moreover, it is always a blessing for a couple to have a child of their own. And surrogacy is the only process that helps couples achieve their goal.

Surprisingly, there are two forms of surrogacy.

  • Traditional surrogacy
  • Gestational surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy means a process where the eggs of the surrogate mother and the sperm of the future father or donor are used to make the process successful.

In this case, the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the newborn. At the same time, she can take her child back to a country where surrogacy laws are not permanent, or there are no such rules.

Gestational Surrogacy

On the contrary, gestational surrogacy is when the eggs of the future mother and sperm of the father are used to fertilize the embryo in the uterus. Moreover, in this case, the surrogate is not the child’s genetic mother as she is only the baby’s carrier and has no right to claim over the baby as soon as the baby is born.

Price of surrogacy and the cost of surrogate mother

Feskov fertility clinics offer couples a comfortable and flexible experience. Even better, surrogacy in Ukraine was initiated in 1983. In 1995, the first surrogacy program took place where the surrogate gave birth to her daughter’s child. The place where the child was born was Khasrkov.

Surrogacy rapidly became popular, and due to this, there were many public and private fertility clinics opened for the purpose. Also, surrogacy in Ukraine is cheaper than surrogacy in other countries.

However, if we talk about the USA, the surrogacy cost is almost $50,000, just an average cost whereas, if the charges include medical and other bills, the price increases. However, if it is a Cesarean, the cost exceeds $100,000.

For reproductive tourism, Ukraine is considered the best country as it has a low cost for a surrogate mother, and the surrogacy procedure is relatively cheap there. Also, the leihmutter kosten is also low in the country.

Moreover, there are some rules and regulations for the surrogate mother as well:

  • The surrogate must have one healthy baby born naturally
  • The surrogate mother is to be passed through tests like an adverse drug, alcohol, sexually transmitted disease tests, and nicotine
  • No mental and somatic pathologies
  • The surrogate mother should be psychologically fit

Moreover, surrogate mothers are routinely tested to avoid any issues encountered. Due to this reason, the feskov fertility clinic makes sure everything goes smooth and delicate.


Surrogacy is different in different countries, and so does its cost. Surrogacy in Ukraine is pretty cheaper than in other countries like the USA.

The prices go high with the addition of other bills. Also, the prices are different for normal and Cesarean delivery. Many couples choose Ukraine for surrogacy as it is the hub of surrogacy.

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