Privacy Policy

Who we are

Here at Blogjunta we are a well experienced and promising team committed with our work and likes to share quality content that is the requirement of our users. 

This is our privacy policy in which we explain what information we gather from you and what we do with it.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


Privacy Policy


While doing a comments user provides us a Gmail, name, and website. That information automatically stores in our database in the comment section. It will remain store in comment section unless we delete it from there.

Contact forms

When you fill a contact form to send a message to us. In this case, we will also save your all information including name and email. 


If you leave a comment on the post the information that you fill in the comment section are email, website, and name will be saved in cookies. That is because whenever next time you visit our website, It will be easier for you to comment on our site. Cookies automatically fill the form. This information will be save for 1 year.

Further contact form information also saves in cookies.

Embedded content from other websites

Our website may contain embedded content such as Images, Videos, and other information, etc. We are using the embedded information on behalf of other website sites. It may include information that directly interacts with you.

Who we share your data with?

It’s our policy to not share our user’s personal information to others. Your data is protected on Blogjunta. We take care of it.

What rights you have over your data

We provide full rights to our users that whenever they want to delete their personal information from our website, just send a message on email. One of our editorial members receive your request and approve it soon. Must read our privacy policy to avoid from any inconvenience. 

BlogJunta Team

Last Updated: 16 April 2023