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3 Benefits of Hiring the Professional Garage Door Repair Service

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Your garage is an integral part of your home and plays a massive role in providing safety for both your family and belongings. While most garage doors are long-lasting, there’s always a need to perform regular inspections and maintenance to avoid potential accidents and prevent damage.

It’s always advisable to hire professional garage door repair in Arlington Heights by Chicago Garage Door to do the job on your behalf for the best service. You can make some simple repairs on your own, but most of the tasks would be best left to professional technicians.

This article will look into 3 main reasons you should consider having a professional do your garage door repair or installation service. It will also cover some examples of garage door maintenance tasks DIY enthusiasts can choose to do by themselves and repairs they shouldn’t attempt. Read on! 

  • Save Your Time and Money 

Part of the reason many homeowners often take the DIY approach to tackle many tasks around and within their homes is to save money. While some tasks may be worth it, most times, you’ll save nothing when you choose to repair your garage door by yourself. There’s a high possibility of aggravating the problem and ending up spending more money and time in the long run. Repairing a garage door is often complex and requires a certain level of dexterity and experience that only a professional can provide. While you might need a long time to inspect and research the problem, a garage door technician will quickly diagnose the problem and come up with an efficient solution right away. This will go a long way in saving you the time and the money you would have expended on the same task, not to mention the perfect quality of service you get.

  • They Have the Knowledge, Experience, and the Right Tools 

To conduct a successful diagnosis and repair of your garage door means that you already have the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to employ for the task that many homeowners lack. You’ll have to spend a lot of money on purchasing all necessary tools, which will be rendered redundant after the job.

Professional garage door repair technicians, on the other hand, have all the right tools, knowledge, and experience to apply efficiently to many similar jobs. They will also guarantee that the problem is solved and your home and family are safe, unlike doing it yourself. They are also aware of various solutions for a given problem depending on the circumstances around it, unlike you, who will most probably be second-guessing. 

  • Avoid Potential Accidents and Injuries 

A malfunctioning garage door already poses a danger to your family, and trying to repair it without the needed knowledge and experience is an even greater risk. Garage doors are designed to be quite heavy due to their safety purpose. Some garage doors weigh up to 500 pounds and can be deadly if they fall on somebody.

Statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimate injuries caused directly by garage door repairs and associated activities at 30,000 cases. A professional will be aware of any imminent dangers when dealing with a garage door and know what precautions to take in any circumstances. Deciding to repair a garage door by yourself will only increase the risk of getting into such accidents and add to the injury statistics. 

Repairs and Maintenance You Can DIY

Below are some minor garage door maintenance-related activities you can DIY. 

  • Tighten Loose Door Hardware 

Inspecting and tightening the garage door hardware like bolts and nuts is a simple process that homeowners can do by themselves regularly when the need arises. 

  • Lubricate and Clear the Tracks

Regularly lubricating the garage door’s moving parts is crucial to increasing its longevity. These include components such as rollers and hinges.  

  • Inspect the Safety Sensors 

Sometimes minor problems with safety sensors could be the cause of your garage door not closing or opening all the way. These could include things like dirt or debris accumulating on the photo-eye. 

  • Replace the Weather Stripping 

The weatherstripping acts as a weatherproof seal around the garage and prevents the garage’s door parts from freezing. 

Major Repairs You Shouldn’t DIY 

You should engage a qualified garage door professional to conduct the repairs below to avoid damage to your property and potentially grievous injuries. 

  • Replacing Door Springs 

Garage door springs play an integral role in raising and lowering the garage door. Do not attempt to do any repairs on the springs. Call a professional garage technician the moment you detect any problem. 

  • Replacing Cables or Rollers 

You should also call a professional if your garage door needs a replacement of cables or rollers. They can be faulty due to wear and tear or displaced due to sudden stress. 

  • Fixing a Detached Door 

A detached garage door can result from bad weather or sudden stress. Fixing it requires the expertise of professionals as it can be cumbersome and dangerous. 

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