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PVU to PHP: Plant Vs. Undead Price in Chart, PHP, & Market Cap

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Plant vs. Undead is a gamified non-fungible token (NFT) and yield farming platform, while PVU is the BEP-20 utility token for the platform. In Plant vs. Undead, PVU is the in-game currency that players use to buy NFT seeds and plants from the respective Marketplace.  

The in-game chat feature enables players to not only communicate with one another but also trade PVU and NFT assets. Even in free-to-play configurations, the players of Plants vs. Undead receive actual benefits from playing any of the game modes.  

During gameplay, players have the ability to choose the strategic positioning of their NFT plants to enhance attacks by providing synergy. For instance, aligning three fire plants to ignite the plant’s attack during battle, or aligning five for explosive attacks, is one example of how players can choose to strategically position their NFT plants. Whatsoever, here is everything one needs to comprehend regarding the PVU to PHP price at the present moment! 

PVU to PHP Today: What Does this Indicate? 

Token holders in the Plant vs. Undead game are able to participate in the game, invest funds, and become a part of the game because the PVU token is the game’s native currency. Players can earn real assets, in the form of plants, by participating in the multiplayer game Plant vs. Undead. The game’s development team began integrating NFT technology into the gameplay, and players demonstrated a significant amount of enthusiasm for this new direction. 

It is to be recorded by the common public that the enormous growth of other strategy games that are very similar over the course of the past few years is evidence of how popular these games are. When one considers that the market for NFTs is currently expanding, one can say that the format holds a lot of potential.  

There is no denying the truth that the game’s creators have successfully bridged the gap between the traditional world and the world of cryptocurrencies by combining two current trends. Earning tokens is a fun and addictive experience, which is appreciated by the players. 

What is the Main Plot of the PVU to PHP Game? 

The story goes that the plants evolved into warriors in order to defend the trees from the Undead, who emerged as a result of a disease brought by meteors that transformed animals into Undead. As a consequence, seeds also became unique and were given the ability to safeguard Mother Trees.  

In order to begin playing, players do not need to have any NFTs in their possession. However, to begin playing and earning money as other players sell their plants in the Marketplace, all that is required is a mother tree and six basic plants to get started. The game offers a multiplayer mode for players to participate in. If there is only one player, the survival mode will automatically be activated. 

The expansion of the NFT market is significantly aided by the games based on NFTs. A greater number of people are drawn to the industry as a result of the real ownership and the possibility of earning real value, both of which contribute to the widespread adoption of novel ideas in an amusing manner. In addition to this, PVU to PHP bridges the gap between regular games and NFT games. 

All Crucial Details About the PVU to PHP Game 

Players must nurture seeds into distinctive plants that can be bought or sold in the local market. The game is open to all players because there is no requirement for an initial investment. The game allows players to play anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. It is designed for gamers of every age and gender. Anyhow, only portable gaming devices should be used for that.  

Owning something in their preferred games gives gamers a genuine sense of satisfaction. Blockchain technology has undeniably also transformed gaming assets into investment opportunities and a fresh way to make money. This is how cryptocurrency games progress from pure amusement to a form of investing. Users have the right to choose the adjustments, features, and other specifics because the game is owned by the community. 

What Are the Current Stats of Plant VS Undead (PVU to PHP Today)? 

Plant vs. Undead (PVU) is now trading for USD 0.01 on exchange marketplaces, with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 49,237.00. Plant vs. Undead’s cost dropped by 16.88% last week. In addition to this, in the past 24 hours, the value of the cryptocurrency has dropped by 1.02%. 

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Plant vs. Undead (PVU) price data or any other relevant information (PVU to PHP) because it is automatically collected from public sources. The cryptocurrency Plant vs. Undead, its creators, and representatives are in no way associated with the actual cost of the coin (or the PVU to PHP price). 

  • The circulating supply of the token of PVU is unknown at the present moment.  
  • The token price of PVU is $1.8867 USD.  
  • 1.18 M$ is the 24-hour trading volume of PVU.  
  • 1.18 M$ is the 24-hour transparent volume of PVU (100%).  
  • The market cap of PVU is not known at the present moment.  
  • 300,000,000 PVU coins are the net supply of the PVU coin.  
  • The total number of holders of the PVU coin at the present moment is around 1600.  
  • A 7-day price of the PVU to PHP coin price cannot be predicted.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Highest-Acquired Price of PVU Coin So Far? 

In accordance with various credible sources on the internet, the PVU token attained an all-time high price of $1.9013 USD. 

When Did PVU Start for the First Time? 

PVU token was initiated for the first time in the month of July 2021.  


We have attempted our best to highlight the PVU coin price in this detailed writing. In addition to this, some critical price charts regarding PVU to PHP tokens have also been discussed with the intention of giving a distinct idea of this advanced digital currency to our readers.  

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