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Who Is Radonda Vaught Husband? Get Info Here!

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In Our discussion here is about Radonda Vaught Husband.Radonda Vaught is a former nurse who was recently convicted for her role in the death of a patient. Her trial received national attention due to questions about whether mistakes by medical professionals will be criminalized in the future.

On December 26, 2017, she injected 75-year-old Charlene Murphey with the paralyzing drug vecuronium instead of Versed. Afterward, Murphey became brain-dead.

Who is Radonda Vaught?

ed vaught

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Radonda Vaught is a former nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who was indicted for reckless homicide after she made a medication mistake that killed one of her patients. She was supposed to give a patient Versed, a sedative that lowered anxiety before a PET scan, but instead administered the paralytic drug Vecuronium.

The 75-year-old woman, Charlene Murphey, died after the error. The former nurse was tasked with retrieving Versed from a computerized cabinet and putting it in her patient’s IV bag.

In this paragraph,we discuss ed vaught, radonda vaught spouse.

The case captured national attention and was met with anger from nurses across the country. They said jail time for an error committed on the job should not be handed out. They also called for a “just culture” in hospitals and the implementation of a staffing ratio.

What is Radonda Vaught’s Husband?

In this paragraph,we discuss Radonda Vaught Husband.Radonda Vaught’s husband is identified as Ed, she married him in 2012. He manages their company, Horny outdoor apparel together with his wife.

He was arrested in 2019 for the two charges of reckless homicide and impaired adult based on the death case of Charlene Murphey.

The former nurse has been accused of killing 75-year-old patient Charlene Murphey with a mistaken dose of the sedative Versed in 2017. Instead, she administered paralytic vecuronium bromide which led to her brain death.

She was found guilty of a lesser charge, criminally negligent homicide. A grand jury in Nashville indicted her in February of this year. Her trial started last week, attracting hundreds of nurses and supporters in purple T-shirts. The court heard from the prosecution and defense, which brought in an expert witness.

What is Radonda Vaught’s Family?

Thousands of nurses around the country are worried that Vaught’s case will set a dangerous precedent and have a lasting impact on their profession. They say the risk of a nurse being criminally charged for a medical error could deter potential nurses from joining the field.

On Friday, nurses gathered in Nashville to protest Vaught’s sentencing and demand reforms in the healthcare system. Wearing purple T-shirts and chanting the hashtags “#IAmRaDonda” and “Seeking Justice for Nurses and Patients in a BROKEN system,” they marched through downtown.

During Vaught’s trial, the jury found her guilty of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of impaired adult charges. She was sentenced to three years of supervised probation, with the possibility of a diversion that could remove her conviction from her record.

What is Radonda Vaught’s Career?

Vaught is a nurse who worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. She was working in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit when she accidentally injected her patient with the wrong drug.

The drug she injected was vecuronium, which is a powerful muscle relaxant that is used to stop breathing and kill patients. Charlene Murphey was supposed to be given Versed, a sedative, but she was instead injected with vecuronium, and she died within 30 minutes.

Her trial, a rare case in which a healthcare professional faces criminal charges for a mistake, was watched closely by nurses across the country. They worry the verdict sets a dangerous precedent for healthcare workers and their families.

What is Radonda Vaught’s Personal Life?

RaDonda Vaught is a nurse who is currently being prosecuted for the death of her patient Charlene Murphey. She is being charged with reckless homicide and abuse of an impaired adult for her role in Murphey’s death.

In this paragraph,we discuss ed vaught, radonda vaught spouse.

She injected a patient with the wrong medication at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in December 2017. Her error led to Murphey’s death.

Her error happened when she injected Murphey with a sedative, Versed, instead of the powerful paralyzing drug vecuronium, as she was supposed to.

After a trial in March, Vaught was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and abuse of an impaired adult. She was sentenced to three years of probation and will not serve any jail time.

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