What does the Rat King catalyst do and How do Get it?

rat king catalyst

A rat king is designed to enhance teamwork ability, the rat king in “Destiny 2” can become stronger through the rat king catalyst. This is how to get rat king catalyst?

The destiny 2 Rat King catalyst is known for a teamwork catalyst in Destiny 2. The Rat King himself is a convenient weapon for hunters because he becomes invisible after reloading after each kill. However, if each member of the team wields the Rat King, they will work together to increase their strength and cause incredible damage.

Rat King Catalyst is highly recommended for players who plan to use the weapon in large numbers. Provides more mileage for weapons and makes hunters who rely on stealth more useful. Here’s what all players need to know about the role of the Rat King Catalyst and how to get the Rat King Catalyst.

The Role of the Rat King Catalyst: 

The Rat King Catalyst provides additional benefits for the weapon called Infestation. Infestation provides three separate benefits for the Rat King:

  • Improved Aim Assist Improved Recoil Direction 
  • Turning on vermin Invisibility can now refresh health 

It’s always good to use your sidearms to better aim and back in the direction. However, the snack of health upon invisibility is the meat of the Rat King catalyst. By developing the habit of reloading after each kill, the player will be temporarily invisible and gain a short life value increase.

For hunters, this is very useful for ensuring survival and making PVP more interesting.

How to get Rat King Catalyst? 

The Destiny 2 Rat King Catalyst will be randomly rewarded to players after completing a heroic or nightfall attack. There does not seem to be any concrete evidence that doing one or the other increases the chance of falling. Although the exact probability of its decline is unknown, it is indeed rare.

According to the players, this is likely to require dozens of strokes. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to increase these odds and make Destiny 2 Rat King Catalyst a catalyst for emergence. Therefore, players shouldn’t be surprised if they get another Nightfall Strike-based catalyst similar to Merciless Catalyst.

How to unlock the catalyst? 

To unlock the catalyst, you need to make your squad members (not you!) Use the Rat King to defeat 1000 enemies.

Can you use the Rat King catalyst? 

Since Rat King catalyst is RNG and drops after completing Strike / Nightfall, it can technically be planted. Unlocking, when the catalyst is discovered, there must be a way to farm it.

The most famous method is still visiting the Shuro Shi checkpoint during the Last Wish Raid. If you are not familiar with it, you can refer to this guide. But in this case, remember to take the fire team members equipped with Rat King to travel.

Rat Kings Catalyst Perks:

Rat King Catalyst adds the following privileges:

  • Infestation-Increase target assists and recoil direction.
  • Refresh health when activating pests.
  • Needless to say, these two new features are very suitable for PVE, making them an excellent catalyst for the already great PVE weapons!

Upgrading Rat King Catalyst: 

Upgrading Rat King Catalyst can be a bit annoying, or one of the most difficult things a player can do. This is because it requires a teammate to use the Rat King to kill a thousand enemies. Video games can be a fun hobby, but with strategy, it can also be profitable.

Enemy of a Thousand People is an annoying routine in itself, but it is difficult to convince other players to do so so that their friends can get catalyst upgrades. This is also one of the few deaths that cannot be traced back to Catalyst updates.

Tips for How to get Rat King Catalyst? 

The best way to get the Rat King Catalyst is to complete the hero heist task easily and quickly. Sunsets can help, but they are not efficient at filling time.

However, in reality, players will do a lot of things before getting the Rat King Catalyst. As for the upgrade, the best way is to make the entire clan commit to using the Rat King. Every death of any member of the team will be counted.

It is almost impossible to upgrade the Rat King Catalyst, so a single person has to work as a team to some degree.

Obtaining the Rat King is very simple – it can only be obtained through the Exotic Kiosk (Monument to the Loss of Light) via the tower vault. Mouse King does not require any specific expansion pack and can be purchased through any free gaming account.

To buy one at the kiosk, you need to spend:

  • 1 exotic password
  • 1 rising shard
  • 150 helium filaments
  • 100,000 glitter