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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Glashutte Original Watch

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Glashutte Original has been in the watch industry for nearly two centuries. This German luxury watch brand strives for an expert eye for detail and exceptional quality. You’ll never regret buying a timepiece from this brand, for it offers one of the best quality watches in the world.

The town of Glashutte has a rich watchmaking history, and it also takes pride in its German Watchmaking Museum, which hosts various workshops and exhibits and a watchmaking school. And this has been the birthplace of Glashutte Original, which manufactures watches with its in-house parts. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a Glashutte watch, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some of the crucial reasons why you should add a Glashutte watch to your timepiece collection:

1. Brand exclusivity

Every watch in the Glashutte store has been handpicked from the most refined luxury watch brands worldwide. You will never find a comparable option anywhere in the tristate, so you’re sure that every piece excels in form and use. These watches aren’t solely worn for timekeeping purposes but for function and style.

2. Historical legacy

In 1845, a small group of master watchmakers living in Glashutte turned their dream of making a booming watchmaking industry into reality. They have produced classic, elegant, high-quality wristwatches that made the brand known worldwide.

Each timepiece carries a tradition because the brand keeps its extraordinary designs for every collector. Glashutte Original continues to craft brilliant watches for those searching for superb quality and functional timepieces.

3. Excellence and creativity

Glashutte Original is known as one of the best manufacturers of German watches. It boasts a culture of excellence and creativity. The brand also strives for perfection, producing only a few hundred watches per year. It means that you won’t just get an ultra-exclusive watch, but rather one that has been meticulously assembled and rigorously tested. 

4. Global brand presence

There are a lot of Glashutte Original boutiques found all over the world, giving it a global presence. It now expanded to 16 company-owned boutiques in eight different countries, which allowed potential buyers to experience the unique quality of its timepieces.

One of the highlights inside the brand stores in the so-called Wonderwall is a large mobile magnifying glass where you can admire even the most delicate and tiniest parts of the watch movement. It is a great way to reveal the fascination behind luxury watches to watch enthusiasts and newbies.

5. The Glashutte swans

Referring to the swan-neck exemplary adjustment system, the Glashutte swans are a practical and elegant instrument for regulating the watch movements. These are a regulating mechanism that consists of a legendary swan-neck-shaped steel spring, regulator, and an adjustment screw.

Once the screw is turned, exemplary steps change the regulator arm’s position and the regulator collet, which surrounds the outermost winding of the balance spring.

It mechanically changes the length of the balance spring and allows the timepiece to run faster when the balance spring is shortened and slower when it is lengthened. Moreover, Glashutte uses a duplex-swan-neck exemplary adjustment system, which is high-level watchmaking expertise.

6. The watch museum

Those who have a deep passion for watches would want to check out Glashutte Original’s in-house watch museum, which has a theme of The Fascination of Time- Bringing Time to Life. Visitors will get to know the history of the brand and the development of timekeeping.

In addition, the museum includes a complete technical library, a workshop for restoration, and an archive. There is also an interactive exhibition for the entire family if you want to bring all your loved ones to the museum and learn more about watches.

7. A vast watch repair facility

After purchasing a Glashutte watch, your relationship with the brand does not end. It would be best to have your watch frequently serviced by qualified professionals to maintain its performance, longevity, and value. The brand offers comprehensive watch services, from watch redesign to battery replacement. 

Where should you buy Glashutte Original Watches?

Buying a luxury watch should always be convenient for everyone. If you’re a collector and want to add a new timepiece to your collection, Glashutte Original is one of the best brands. Be sure to purchase one from trusted brand stores and authorized dealers like WatchShopping.com!

It’s never cheap to buy one, so make it a point to transact with legit stores and do your research first about the original price of the watch and where you can find authorized stores, dealers, and resellers.


Today is the time to buy yourself a Glashutte Original watch. These things mentioned above are just some of the reasons to convince you why you should add this brand to your timepiece collection.

Owning at least one of this brand’s elegant and top-quality watches is worth it. You deserve to treat yourself from time to time, so order yours online or go to the nearest store!

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