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School bullying guide for teachers

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A teacher can come in use for multiple purposes, whether it is for teaching students about an LMS portal and academic purposes, or for guiding them towards good moral values. It is the task of a teacher to assist all the students in every step of their life and try to be as participatory as possible. Being a participant in the education process is rather easy, but apart from this, the other things that go on in a classroom are usually behind the back of her teacher. One such activity is bullying.

What is bullying?                                                     

By definition, bullying is the act of harassing someone under certain circumstances to cause serious harm to the other person, intimidate them, or perceive them as vulnerable individuals. A school management system always introduces the concept of bullying to students for them to identify the meaning of such activities. Most times, awareness is enough to allow students to safeguard themselves from such negative activities.

Bullying can take place under any circumstances, on a school campus, college campus, or even outside. Mostly, students are informed enough in the present generation to take steps against such activities since awareness about bullying has made its way in almost every institution. At times, parents and teachers have to interfere as it is their responsibility.

Mostly, the school authorities are not aware of the bullies. This might either be because students who are bullied are in fear that they would face harsh circumstances if they seek help, or because they would not like to be embarrassed by asking their peers for help because of the wrong notion that people who get bullied are weak.

Teachers can take multiple steps to help their students focus more on academic matters, and participate in other activities for their personal and academic development. Here are a few dos and don’ts.

How can teachers help?

Respecting students

Bullying is a behavioral challenge and pattern for not only the child getting bullied but also the one who bullies. It suggests an emotional or mental imbalance, a sense of security, lack of confidence, and hunger for attention that drives children to bully. Teachers can try to respect everyone equally and be kind to them to promote positive values and prevent it from happening altogether.

Building Awareness

Spreading awareness about what bullying is, the methods of safeguarding oneself, and tackling stressful situations can allow a child to take the first step and seek help later if and when required. teachers can spread this awareness by using informative videos, and messages conveyed through short stories.

Taking action

A teacher should know when is the right time to step in, if something harmful is going on which might hamper the physical or mental health of a child, they should take action and inform higher authorities along with the parents of both the children. Taking action is most necessary because the bully should never be let go without having learned their lesson.

Peer Volunteer encouragement

Students can volunteer to help out others in a classroom when they observe them getting bullied. Grouping students is always a good idea because multiple challenges are taken care of. They improve communication, organizational and social skills, and can fight off bullies by remaining in groups. Remember, united we stand, and divided we fall!

Constant monitoring

How are teachers supposed to guess whether a child is getting bullied? Through constant monitoring of student behaviors in the classroom, observing a change in mood and learning patterns.

The Don’ts for a Teacher


Never be indifferent towards the activities going on in the class, it encourages bullies.

Corporal Punishments

No matter how harmful the activity is, no teachers should switch to corporal punishment because it is another word for bullying students, but instead, the teacher is bullying a child by physically or mentally harming them. Corporal punishments are rather harsh on students and further decreases their self-esteem and the drive to study.


A teacher is professionally trained to handle academic situations and other challenges in a classroom. Bullying is an important topic of education and training that can allow the smooth running of classes without unnecessary interruptions while maintaining a peaceful demeanor.

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